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    21 Super-Cute Beauty Products That Deserve A Spot On Your Instagram Grid

    So cute, I can't.

    1. A set of lip tints that come in adorable little wine bottle shapes. There are six different shades that'll give your lips (but not your teeth!) pretty wash of colour that's long lasting and waterproof, so even if you're sipping your iced coffee all day, it won't smudge.

    2. Or a wine therapy sleeping mask that looks like a full barrel of the good stuff. It's infused with actual white wine that'll smooth and soften your skin overnight, so you wake up with visibly hydrated skin in the morning.

    3. A bath bomb that'll turn your bath into a kaleidoscope of unicorn beauty. Sit back and relax as the pretty fizzer releases all of its colours and scents that'll leave your skin feeling silky, without staining your tub.

    4. A moisture-boosting eye serum that looks whale-y happy to keep the delicate area around your eyes hydrated. It has hyaluronic acid, seawater, and plankton that'll help plump up the area, so you look like you actually get enough sleep.

    An eye serum that looks like a whale

    5. A popsicle-shaped lip tint that looks good enough to eat. Reviewers say it's super hydrating and provides a subtle, natural flush to your lips for when you want a bit of colour, but don't want anything too bold.

    A person holds a lip tint that looks like a popsicle with a tint on their lips

    6. A friendly panda cream that's loaded with the goodness of bamboo sap, manuka honey, and beeswax. It'll help condition those cuticles you've been picking at, and the panda-shaped container looks cute enough to cuddle.

    A hand holds a round cream that looks like a panda

    7. A bunny gloss bar that'll add a pretty pop of colour to your pout, if you want to get extra fancy for your next Google Hangouts sesh, or just while out and about on errands. It has a smooth texture, a juicy peach scent that'll have you salivating, and is packed with Vitamin E to soften and moisturize your lips.

    8. A set of mermaid makeup brushes that'll have you channelling your inner Ariel in no time. These are soft and lightweight, and each brush will help you apply many types of makeup products meticulously.

    Multi colour makeup brushes with mermaid tials

    9. A Hello Kitty detangling brush that works on any hair type and gets through tough knots, without yanking or pulling. It'll help reduce breakage and protect your strands against cuticle damage. Plus, it can be used in the shower to massage in hair creams and treatments.

    10. A bananalip balm that'll help soothe and heal chapped lips. Not only is it shaped like a cute little banana, but it's made with nourishing banana extract, too! And it's the perfect size to toss into your bag or add onto your keychain.

    11. And if you want something extra luxurious, this hydrogel lip patch will give your lips a shot of moisture. It's laced with a serum that has extracts from three kinds of juicy berries, vitamin C, and collagen for elasticity, which will lead to a soft, plump pout.

    Packs of the lip patch that look like li[s

    12. A bunny skin mist that'll cool you down and energize your skin when you need a little freshening up during your 3 p.m. slump. It has nourishing baobab, berry extracts, calming aloe vera, and pearl extracts that'll give you a healthy glow.

    13. A skin peeling gel that'll gently get rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum that's clogging up your pores. Just apply it to dry skin, let it sit for a few minutes, wash it off, and marvel at how decongested your skin feels.

    A gel inside a container that looks like a hairb oiled egg

    14. And some little egg soaps that look good enough to fry up for breakfast. They're made with egg whites and red clay — the egg whites help diminish the appearance of large pores and the red clay will help absorb excess oil. They'll look adorable (and a little confusing) on your bathroom counter!

    15. A super-cute octopus blackhead scrub stick that'll get rid of your blackheads, once and for all. It also helps with the appearance of enlarged pores, so you'll be ready to take a new pic for your Hinge profile.

    16. A hair mask that looks more like it belongs in a sandwich than your hair, but will turn your brittle locks into flowy, moisturized, mermaid tresses. The creamy formula uses shea butter and egg yolk extract to help calm frizzy hair and smoothe pesky split ends.

    A bottle of a hair mayo that looks like a bottle of real mayo

    17. A little scrubber that'll massage and exfoliate your skin and give your pores a deep clean. Squeeze your cleanser into the bottom of the scrubber, work up a lather, and cleanse your skin with the top part in circles. When you're done, flip it over and use the bottom to give your face a little massage.

    A little silcon scrub that looks like a jellyfish

    18. A little cat ear headband to keep your hair out of your face while you're cleansing or doing your makeup. It's elastic, so it'll stay snug around your head, and it's made of super-soft fabric that won't dig into your skin.

    A person wears a headband with cat ears to keep their hair from their face

    19. A face mask with a fun print that'll make you want to take a selfie. It has hydrating hyaluronic acid, reenergizing vitamin C, and calming lavender to let your skin take a breather.

    20. And some heart-shaped blemish patches that'll help banish pimples in a matter of hours. They fight the bacteria and debris under your skin, so you can put them on overnight and the spot will look smaller and less angry when you wake up.

    21. And lastly, a unicorn makeup pouch to carry all of your cute stuff in. It zips up, so your items will be safe, and it's plush enough to protect them against minor drops, too.

    A fluffy bag with unicorn features and beauty products around it

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