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    18 Pairs Of Running Shoes You'll Be Reaching For This Spring

    More cardio, less couch.

    1. A pair of pink runners that'll add a pop of colour to your workout outfit. They're lightweight and breathable, so your feet won't stink when you've finished your sweat sesh.

    2. Some fancy kicks from Coach that are the perfect mix of fashion and function. They have a fun tiger print detail and shock-absorbing heels that'll make your daily walk around the block that much more enjoyable 🐯.

    3. This sturdy pair of sneakers with a fun, colourful pattern that'll jazz up your next HIIT session at home. They're super durable and have a cushioned insole, so your feet will be all kinds of comfy.

    4. Some sneakers that'll actually help you improve your running techniques. The shoes connect to MapMyRun (a running app available for Android and Apple), so it tracks and analyzes your running details to help make you a better athlete.

    5. A pair of Nikes with a fun, yellow confetti print. They're inspired by tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and are made to withstand hours on the court, so they'll definitely stand up to your tennis needs and beyond 🎾.

    6. Some cool yellow runners with a low top that'd look very chic paired with either jeans or workout shorts. They're giving off some serious Ryan Gosling vibes and I'm totally here for it.

    7. Some retro Adidas sneakers that are made of genuine suede and have non-skid soles. Pair these sweet shoes with some harem pants to complete the '80s look, or give it a modern update with some leggings as you get your daily steps in.

    8. A pair of classic Nikes that'll get you through your entire zumba session. They're made for durability, so if you want to add a few extra kilometres to your next run, these shoes will keep up with you. It also has reflective strips, so you'll be a little more visible if you're out at nighttime.

    9. A pair of sneakers designed by Dwayne Johnson that'll keep your feet locked in place. I can't promise the shoes will make you as buff as him, but it's a good place to start!

    10. A pair of seriously cool hushed blue sneakers that'll make it look like you actually know what you're doing when you hit the pavement. These shoes have a zero-gravity feel (due to magic, I'm sure) that lessens the impact to your joints, so they're easier on your ankles and knees while you're getting your cardio.

    11. Some clean, streamlined looking sneakers from Coach that'll get you through transitional weather like a breeze. It has a grooved sole that'll give you traction, and a cushioned sole that your feet will thank you for.

    12. An iconic pair of shoes from Reebok that's made of all-leather for a seriously polished vibe. They have a sporty look to them, but will also totally be at home paired with jeans and a button-down.

    13. Some lightweight sneakers that'll keep your feet locked-in place. They have webbing in the front that'll keep your heels stable while doing jumping jacks in your basement.

    14. A pair of oversized kicks with five decorative colours that are definitely meant to stand out. The chunky profile gives it some heft for a little fashion-meets-function moment.

    15. Some hot pink sneakers that'll make you stand out in a sea of boring shoes, or just while streaming workouts at home. One reviewer says they're great for your arches, so if you need extra support, this might be the perfect pair for you.

    16. A retro pair of shoes that have a seriously funky vibe. The whole shoe has soft padding to keep your feet comfy, and it has plastic inserts on the sides for extra support.

    17. These standout sneakers that have super intricate laser-etched detailing for some fun flair. One reviewer says it's great for wider width feet, so if you've got some thicc feet like me, these may be the pair for you.

    18. Some hightop sneakers that have comfy cushioning as well as a flat sole to help keep you stable during workouts. One reviewer says they're super breathable, so you can avoid that dreaded running shoe stink.

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