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    19 Products That'll Help You Live Your Best Life In Your Backyard

    Fun in the sun? Yes, please!

    1. A hammock that you can snuggle up in during sunny days with a book and a beverage. It has a strong rope and wooden dowels at the ends, so you'll be nice and secure in your comfy oasis.

    2. Or a crocheted hanging chair that'd be totally charming on your patio. It has sturdy raw cotton cords for an organic look and a metal ring to hang it in your nook of choice.

    3. A solar-charged lantern that'll add a pretty glow to your evenings. It has two LED lightbulbs that'll glow for five to seven hours after soaking up the sun during the day.

    4. An indigo blue apron trimmed with faux-leather for a little contrasting moment. It also has a pocket, so you can keep your phone safe while you barbecue some ribs.

    5. A pretty glass bottle lantern with micro LED lights for a boho-chic touch to your outdoor area. It has an easy on/off button switch, and will add a romantic glow to your cute little backyard dates.

    6. Or a lantern decorated with cute llamas wandering in a softly lit desert full of blossoming cacti, if that's more your aesthetic. How cute would this look on your deck rail?!

    7. Some paraffin wax votive candles in neutral shades that have a spa-like feel to them. Place them in corners of your patio for a pretty ambience, or on your table for a candlelit dinner.

    8. Or a pineapple candle, if you're looking for something with a little more character. Prop this little guy on your patio table for a fresh update and enjoy a homemade fruity cocktail.

    9. A melamine and bamboo pitcher that you can fill with lemonade to quench your thirst on sunny days. It would also be great for sangria, if that's more your kind of beverage!

    10. And some insulated tumblers that'll keep your beverages cold during a leisurely afternoon. Time to get the blender out for some frozen margaritas!

    11. Some slate coasters to prevent unsightly stains on any of your outdoor surfaces. They're very neutral, so they're sure to complement all kinds of patio furniture.

    12. A sling chair made of teak and cotton-polyester that's perfect for lounging around. It has a summery fringe trim and a little headrest, and because it's weather-resistant, you won't have to move it in or cover it when it pours.

    13. A comfy outdoor cushion outdoor pillow for when you want to have a little snoozle in the sun. The material won't fade and is water repellent, so it'll live for many years in your backyard.

    14. A pouf to rest your feet on that also doubles as seating. It's made of PVC fabric, so it's super durable and can also be used indoors.

    15. A cactus toss to keep little ones entertained while you're getting your lounge on. It can be placed on land, in the pool, or even on your head if you're feeling brave.

    16. A straw hat that'll keep the sun off of your face with a rounded crown and a little tie-back detail. It's woven, so it'll allow your head to breathe and prevent sweaty buildup in your hair.

    17. A charming duck ornament for a little sassy touch to your outdoor space. It's made of sustainable bamboo and reclaimed teak, and we just love how silly they look in their wellies.

    18. Or a cement zen elephant sculpture, if that's more your jam. Grab your yoga mat and feel at one with the outdoors with this little guy watching over your practice.

    19. And lastly, some sunscreen, because in this house we stan sun protection. It has broad spectrum SPF 50 and minerals that deflect UVA and UVB rays as well as vitamin E to protect against any sun damage. Apply it regularly and often, folks!

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