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    23 Products You Might Need If It’s Always Halloween In Your Soul

    Who says Halloween has to stay in October?

    1. A set of ballpoint pens shaped like human bones. Reviewers say that the blue ink is super smooth to write with and that the "bones" are a little bit soft, so it has a comfortable feel in your hand.

    2. A skull-shaped alcohol aerator that'll make even the cheapest bottles of wine taste better. Just take a second and imagine what this little friend would look like while pouring out a glass of red.

    A skull decants alcohol into a glass

    3. A 3D skull-shaped ice mold that'll keep your drink cool and look ghoulish while doing so. They're bigger than traditional ice cubes, so they won't melt as quickly and water down your drink.

    4. A cauldron-shaped mug that'll help you ~brew~ up some potions, like your morning coffee or tea. Reviewers say it’s super sturdy and that it’s the perfect size for a large cup of tea, so if you tend to be a little slow in the mornings, this is the mug for you.

    A cup that says witches brew

    5. A bat costume for your furry friend that'll definitely give you some Instagram gold. The wings are lightweight and the fastening straps are adjustable and flexible, so your pet will be comfortable while you snap a million photos of them.

    6. A romantic tapestry of two skeletons having a little smooch. It's made of lightweight material with vivid colours that you can hang on a wall, use as a blanket, or even as a tablecloth.

    A tapestry of two skeletons embracing

    7. A stretchy dress covered in bats, stars, and moons that'll get you ready for the ~spooky~ season. It has a swingy skirt, a sweet tie detail at the neck, and a sash that'll highlight your waist.

    8. And a witch's hat that'll complete the look. It's breathable and lightweight, and quite frankly, I'd rock it while doing my everyday errands.

    A person wears a black witch hat

    9. A set of threader earrings featuring pumpkins, bats, and ghosts. You can wear them as long or as short as you like, and you can thread them through multiple piercings if you have more than one on your earlobe.

    A set of threader earrings with pumpkins bats and ghosts

    10. A set of pumpkin carving tools that'll help you create the perfect jack-o’-lantern. It has tools for cutting, scooping, and precision tools for making fine details.

    11. Or a ceramic pumpkin, if using sharp tools isn't your jam. Just switch it on and the LED lights will add a warm and cozy glow to your space.

    A pumpkin is lit up with LED lights

    12. An engraved spoon that might make your partner take a cautionary sniff of their food. Reviewers love it for stirring up autumnal drinks and also say it makes for a quirky little gift.

    A spoon that says you have been poisoned with a skill

    13. A tea infuser featuring a witch brewing up her own little beverage. It's made of rust-proof stainless steel, so you and the little witch will be having a cuppa together for years to come.

    A tea diffuser with a charm of a witch stirring a cauldron

    14. A set of ghost napkins that'll add a sweet touch to your wine and cheese night. The ghosts have pretty gold eyelashes that make them look downright ~boo-tiful~.

    A set of napkins with ghosts that have gold eyelashes

    15. A pair of flats with friendly ghosties that'll definitely amp up any outfit you pair them with. They have a short heel and sweet accents, like glitter, hearts, and stars that'll add a little extra something to your step.

    16. A burlap banner with cartoony bats, skulls, witches, and ghosts. Hang it in your room, on a plant, or lay it flat on a table as a runner.

    A banner across a brick wall with bats skulls witches and ghosts

    17. A set of ghost cat stickers that'll definitely add some personality to your journal or agenda. Reviewers say the adhesion is strong enough to stick to laptops and can double as a way to honour a kitty that's passed away.

    A set of stickers with ghost cats

    18. A set of fake spiders and spider webs that'll add a little ambience to your indoor or outdoor space. Just pull and stretch the cobwebs until it reaches the effect you’re looking for, throw on a few spiders, and you’ve got some quick and easy spookiness.

    Fake cobwebs are strewn over a wall with fake spiders

    19. A skull-shaped soap dispenser that can double as an acting prop if you feel like busting out into Hamlet's soliloquy. You’re probably washing your hands a dozen times a day right now, so your soap holder might as well be interesting.

    A soap dispenser shaped like a human skull

    20. An incense holder shaped like a skeleton that's kicking back and relaxing. It can hold sticks up to 10.5 inches long, so just light up your favourite fragrance and you'll be vibing with the skeleton in no time.

    A skeleton lying down has a stick of incense coming out of its mouth

    21. A spoopy little inflatable ghost who looks ready to get his (socially distanced) trick-or-treating on. It self-inflates in seconds and has LED lights that'll help him show off his fabulous cat costume.

    A friendly looking inflatable ghost has on a cat hat

    22. A duo of coasters that'll protect your tables from your hot tea (or potions!). It's made with three layers of batting that'll prevent condensation from your ice coffee leaving behind unsightly water rings.

    Two drink coasters with bats and owls

    23. And lastly, a 12-foot-tall skeleton that's truly a whole damn mood. It has menacing LCD eyes that move realistically and can be used inside or outside, depending on your spooky needs.

    A twelve foot tall skeleton with light up eyes looms in front of a house

    How you probably feel in your soul:

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