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    19 Of The Best Presents For The Grinches In Your Life

    "You're a mean one..."

    1. A cheeky sweater for the friend who doesn't believe that the big guy up North is real. If they're not going to believe in him, he's going to return the favour!

    A sweater that says Santa doesn't believe in your either

    2. A lump of coal (that's actually soap) for the friend who is definitely on Santa's naughty list. They can use it to clean up their behaviour for next year!

    A piece of soap that looks like a lump of coal

    3. A candle that smells like baked goods straight out of grandma's oven, because even if they don't like the holidays, who can say no to fresh pastries?

    A candle that says butter tart

    4. Or a candle that'll prevent them from picking up the scariest thing out there: the feels. You can pick out a fun fragrance as well, like Butt Naked in Bed or Monkey Farts.

    A candle that says feelings repellent

    5. A welcome mat that'll let people know what they're getting into before they knock on their door. The bristles are made from coir (natural coconut fibre) that'll help get rid of mud, snow, and any other unwanted outdoor bits from coming indoors.

    A mat that says 100% that Grinch

    6. A pair of socks that'll keep their feet warm, even if they are a total Scrooge. They can wear them while they're kicking back, relaxing, and thinking about how much they detest holiday cheer.

    A pair of socks that say bah humbug

    7. A flask with a phrase that'll scare off any carolers before they can yell at them. It can hold up to six ounces of the good stuff and will hopefully help them survive the holiday season.

    A person holding a flask that says tears of my enemies

    8. A face mask that'll keep everyone where they should be — six feet away from each other.

    A face mask with the Grinch on it that says six feet people

    9. A cross stitch pattern that matches their pessimistic attitude. Stabbing a small craft hundreds of times with a needle seems right up a Grinches alley!

    A cross stitch that says disappointed but not surprised

    10. A colouring book that'll help them pass the time while they're avoiding holiday events. It features wonderfully swear-y illustrations, such as "I'm a happy-go-lucky ray of f*cking sunshine."

    A colouring book that says fresh out of fucks

    11. A Christmas ornament that is truly a whole damn mood. 2020 really came for a lot of people and the Grinch in your life will appreciate this summary of the year.

    An ornament that says 2020 stink stank stunk

    12. A T-shirt that'll let people know that being anti-holiday is just the way they are. It's just the slightest nod to the festive season without actually being, you know, festive.

    A shirt that says resting grinch face

    13. A heart-shaped pillowcase and insert they can cuddle up with, since rumour has it they have no heart. Who knows — they might just dream of saving Whoville and turning around their Grinch-like ways.

    A couch with heart-shaped pillows on it

    14. A subtle necklace that has a not-so-subtle message. It has a lobster-clasp closure that'll make it easy for them to put on themselves during holiday get-togethers over video.

    15. A Christmas card featuring a very rude Rudolph — it's the one holiday card that might actually make them smile!

    A card with a reindeer with two middle fingers up saying seasons fucking greetings

    16. A set of four Disney villain glasses, because Grinches tend to appreciate a really good bad guy. While everyone else is snuggled up watching holiday movies, they'll be rooting for Ursula, since Ariel was such a wimp (I said what I said).

    Tumblers with Disney villains

    17. A sweater that has a pretty blunt message. It's made with a super-soft blend of cotton and polyester that'll keep them warm (and hopefully help them avoid human interaction) as the weather starts to dip.

    A sweater that says ew people

    18. A selection of Lindt chocolates, because even Grinches love a little treat now and then! It comes with an assortment of goodies that mimic all of the best desserts, like crème brûlée, tiramisu, and millefeuille.

    A selection of chocolate truffles

    19. And lastly, a copy of Dr. Seuss's iconic Christmas classic to pass down to little Grinches in the making!

    A copy of the book how the grinch stole christmas

    Everyone has that one friend:

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