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    27 Father’s Day Gifts For All The Foodie Dads Out There

    For the dad who just loves to feed you.

    1. An adjustable apron with a ton of pockets for the dad who needs to carry every kitchen utensil with them while they cook. It’ll keep their clothes clean from food messes (like their famous bolognese sauce) and it’s machine washable.

    2. A collection of hot sauces from around the world for the dad who's a glutton for punishment. It features sauces from Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba for a little international culinary journey.

    3. Or some steak seasoning from the famous Montreal restaurant Joe Beef. It brings in the flavours of the city’s famous smoked meat, as well as barbecue notes, for a yummy blend that dad will reach for during grilling season and beyond.

    4. A knife sharpener, because dads always like to keep their tools in tip-top shape. Whether it's the aggressively large chef's knife they swear by or the much more reasonable paring knife, this little tool will make all of their blades seem brand new.

    5. A pasta maker that'll let them live out their dreams of being an Italian chef. It has seven different settings that'll let them decide how thick they want their dough to be, and it easily whips up lasagna sheets, spaghetti, and fettuccine.

    6. An indoor/outdoor grill for the dad who likes to get his grill on all year. It has a removable grill stand that works great on the patio but can be taken off for cooking on the countertop. It's totally electric, so you don't have to worry about charcoal, propane, or dangerous flare-ups in the house.

    7. And some barbecue tools, because no dad is complete without their own set. It comes with a two-pronged fork, a spatula, and a pair of tongs, as well as a handy carrying case, so they can take their tools with them wherever they go.

    8. A BBQ grill pan that'll let them multitask on the barbecue. The slotted side lets the smoky flavours from the grill come through, while also letting excess grease drip through it. The griddle side is perfect for whipping up eggs, bell peppers, onions, and basically any veg, so everything can be cooked in one place. Philly cheesesteaks? Yes, please!

    9. Some cedar planks that'll infuse yummy flavour into their food, like salmon fillets or chicken thighs. Just make sure they soak the boards for three to four hours before grilling on the barbecue!

    10. Or a cast iron grill press that'll get rid of extra fat in meats and add impressive grill marks to their culinary creations. It weighs almost three pounds, so they could also use it as a panini press for some delicious sandwiches.

    11. A food steamer for the dad who's looking to cut down on oil in their diet. All they need to do is pour in some water, toss in their meats, veggies, and grains, set the timer, and dinner will steam itself right before their eyes.

    12. An electric pepper mill for the dad who thinks the pre-cracked stuff is simply unacceptable. It has a gravity sensor, so all they need to do is tilt the bottle for the mill to start working. They can also adjust the coarseness setting to their desired preference!

    13. A breakfast sandwich maker for the dad who loves a good brekkie done quickly. It'll cook a fresh egg and toast an English muffin or biscuit in under five minutes, all in one device, so they don't have to use multiple pans and dishes.

    14. An Instant Pot, because they've been talking about getting one for ages a and are ready to get on board this delicious trend. It combines the use of seven standalone kitchen appliances and prepares dishes much faster.

    15. A taco bowl mould that'll help them serve up some fun taco salads, chillis, enchilada casseroles, party dips, salsa, and anything else they can dream up. Just coat the pans lightly with cooking spray, press in the tortilla wrap, bake for 8-10 minutes, and enjoy the super fun meal.

    16. Or a little T-Rex taco holder for the dad who likes to play with his food (don't we all?). It holds two tacos, toasts, or sandwiches upright for an unexpected playfulness during mealtime.

    17. A pair of meat-handling claws that'll shred all their meats and let them live out that little Wolverine fantasy they've been harbouring. They also work as a way to carry hot meat securely and to protect their hands from knives while cutting.

    18. A smoking gun that’ll infuse so much flavour into their creations, the whole family will be salivating. Load up the gun with wood chips, light it, and blow smoke into a covered container of any kind. They can try it with their next cocktail for some extra layers to their adult beverage!

    19. And some smoking chips, so they can get creative with their pairings. It comes with hickory, mesquite, applewood, and cherrywood for a mix of classic barbecue flavours as well as some sweetness.

    20. A sushi bazooka for the dad who loves a good California roll, but can't for the life of them use a sushi mat. They just need to put their favourite fillings in along with some sticky rice, close it shut, and extrude with the plunger.

    21. An egg cracker for the dad who loves a soft-boiled egg, but can never get the top off without catastrophe. This aluminum device will cleanly crack the shell off, so they can dip their toast in the gooey goodness.

    22. A watermelon tapper for the dad who likes to live their best life on the patio. It comes with instructions as well as a keg tap and a coring tool, so they can sip fruity (possibly boozy!) drinks all summer long.

    23. A popcorn popper for the dad who loves a little salty treat. It uses air instead of oil, so cleanup's a breeze, and it can make up to 18 cups per batch in just a few minutes.

    24. An online cooking course for the dad who's looking to expand their culinary skills. They'll learn how to make yummy chicken vindaloo, basmati pilaf, and masala chai, as well as some other dishes.

    25. A meal kit from HelloFresh that’ll be delivered right to their door — it’ll include everything they need to make a delicious dinner, so they won’t have to go to the grocery store. They can pick from different seasonal dishes, like pesto chicken with lemony couscous, cheesy stuffed meatballs, or Mexican pork tacos! It’ll be super yummy and save them time and money.

    26. If they've already got all the kitchen tools they need, a cute card with a nod to they're foodie side might work! Plus, it has a pun, which is like the most dad thing EVER.

    27. And lastly, a chef's hat for the home cook dad who is just that level of extra. They'll look all kinds of cute in their hat, so take the opportunity to snap a pic and teach them how to upload it to their Insta!

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