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    21 Cute Versions Of Everyday Items You’ll Probably Use All The Time

    BRB, adding all of these to my cart.

    1. Some llama salt and pepper shakers, because these little friends have the silliest faces and just want to add some flavour to your food. They have little holes at the bottom that would fit any herb, and they also have rubber stoppers to keep everything nice and secure.

    Two llamas that are salt and pepper shakers

    2. A unicorn USB key that'll add a touch of magic to your workday. It'll store up to four gigs of data, info, pictures, or just anything you need to keep safe.

    3. Some sushi pushpins that'll keep your pins organized and look cute as heck while doing it. It comes with 50 "roe" pushpins that are made from sturdy plastic and stainless steel.

    A piece of sushi with pins that look like roe

    4. A panda cream that'll smooth your chapped skin. It has bamboo sap, manuka honey, and beeswax, so it absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves your hands soft and moisturized all day.

    5. A LED nightlight that'll add a friendly yellow glow to your space. It can work as either an accent to your room or as a nightlight to protect you from stubbing your toes in the evening.

    A soft yellow LED cat light is illuminated

    6. A rainbow wireless charging pad for a little colourful moment in your tech accessories. Just plug it into a USB charger and put your Android or iPhone on top to juice your phone up quickly.

    7. A bicycle pizza cutter that'll easily cut your delicious pie with its two stainless steel wheels and non-stick edges. It's easy to clean and makes for an unexpected and cute little accent in your kitchen.

    A bicycle with wheels that act as pizzacutters

    8. A light throw decorated with inquisitive llamas that'll keep you snuggly during afternoon snooze. It's lightweight, so you won't overheat, and can be tossed into the washer and dryer if you get drool and chip crumbs all over it.

    A throw with llamas on it is spread over a bed

    9. Some mermaid makeup brushes that'll help you get that perfect beat if you want to get some Ariel vibes. The bristles are soft, will help you pack on colour, and will evenly distribute product on your face.

    A set of makeup brushes with mermaid tails

    10. A friendly cat water bottle that'll remind you to drink your water right meow, because dehydration is not a good look. It has lines to prompt you to drink a certain amount of water by certain times, so you'll get your daily fix in.

    A water bottle with a cat on it that says "Drink your water right meow" on one side and lines on the other of how much water you should drink each hour

    11. An avocado-shaped bowl that would be perfect for serving up some guac — or any kind of dip, really. It comes with a lid and a serving spoon that can all be tossed into the dishwasher during cleanup.

    12. A dinosaur pasta server that'll snag spaghetti strands with its ferocious teeth. It'll drain water through its eyes and nose and can go in the dishwasher if the marinara sauce gets the best of it.

    A serving spoon that looks like a dinosaur hovers over a bowl of spaghetti

    13. Or a T-Rex planter, because this little dude really adds some roar to your counter. Just add a succulent or your favourite herb and he'll turn into an omnivore in no time.

    A T-Rex planter with a plant in its back is on a table

    14. A sleepy little handmade hedgehog ceramic plate that's truly a whole damn mood. It can be used as trinket dish, a soap dish, a spoon rest, or just to serve snacks.

    15. A little animal holder that'll protect your toothbrush from the bacteria in your bathroom. It has a suction cup that'll stick to tile, mirror, or other smooth surfaces, so you can stick it by your sink or in the shower if that's where you prefer to clean your teeth.

    16. A handmade rubber ducky soap that smells like yummy coconut cream. These are great for washing your hands, but would also look adorable as an accessory during bathtime.

    A soap shaped like a rubber ducky

    17. A cute lil' sloth infuser who's super excited to brew your next cup of tea. The little friend will eliminate the need for single-use tea bags, so it's good for the environment, and also just really cute to look at.

    A sloth tea strainer sits in a coup of tea on a glass plate on a table

    18. A delicious-looking watermelon wristlet that looks good enough to eat. The exterior is made of smooth faux-leather and the interior is made of soft poplin to safely store all your bits and pieces.

    19. A corgi butt mouse pad that'll support your wrist with its truly silly backside. It's made to ergonomically assist your entire hand, so you won't have achy joints after a long day on the computer.

    A mouse pad with a comic corgi and it's butt is the wrist support

    20. Or a corgi butt bottle opener, because why have a regular bottle opener when you can have a corgi butt? It can be mounted on your wall or fence, so your guests will get a kick out of this unexpected piece.

    A box with a corgi on it and its butt opens beer bottles

    21. And lastly, a friendly hedgehog doorstop that's so pleased to hold the door open for you. This little friend is filled with weighted polyester and sand, and will add a playful touch to your decor.

    A hedgehog holds open a door

    You looking at everything on this list like:

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