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    26 Home Decor Products That'll Bring Your Space The Cheer It Deserves

    And they're all under $50!

    1. Some cute ceramic fox planters that look super happy to be of service to you. Plant a few baby succulents in them and put them on side tables, bookshelves, or counters to add a bit of woodland charm to your area.

    Three fox planters with succulents sit on a table

    2. Or a Groot planter that'll tickle the heart of any Marvel fan. Put some flowers, herbs, succulents, or even pens and pencils into his head and let his sweet expression lift your mood.

    3. A warm cherry blossom LED lamp that has branches you can bend and twist until you get the shape of the tree exactly how you want it to be. It's USB powered and it has 48 floral lights that'll add a pretty glow to any room you add it to.

    A tree with LED cherry blossoms is lit on a table

    4. An indoor water fountain with copper coloured lily blossoms and leaves with a green patina. The water trickles from flower to flower in a calming cycle. It isn't battery-operated, so you won't have to buy anything extra! Simply plug it into a wall outlet.

    A water fountain with water flowing from lily to lily and then into  the bottom

    5. Some gauzy curtains that'll let the sun into your place, but slightly diffuse it, so it's not overwhelmingly bright. Open your window and let a little flutter of wind flirt with the leaf, vine, and sequin design.

    Some blinds with a leaf and vine pattern at the top hang in a window of a room

    6. A whale butter dish that'll brighten up your dining table with its soothing blue colour. It'll keep your butter fresh and at a spreadable consistency, so you won't scrape apart your bread and bagels while you're making breakfast.

    7. A geometric vase that'll make a beautiful centrepiece on your table, or even look charming on your bookshelf. It kind of looks like the love child of minimalism and shabby chic, and I'm into it.

    A square geometric wire holder holds two test tubes filled with water and cut flowers on a side table

    8. Some wall decals that'll jazz up that wall that's starting to look a bit boring. They're safe on walls, easily removable, and don't leave behind any residue, so you won't have to worry about the paint being damaged.

    9. A shower curtain that features a lovely hippo singing while sudsing up. It comes with 12 hanging hooks and can be thrown in the wash without worry — the grommets are rust resistant!

    A hippo sings under shower spray

    10. Some mason jar sconces, if you prefer your lighting on the rustic side. The silk hydrangeas make for a pretty and unexpected accent that would look as fantastic in a bedroom as it would at a wedding.

    11. A decor box that says what we're all secretly thinking. This would be particularly cute in your bathroom, since the box will likely be seeing the goods up close. Use it to store extra toilet paper, magazines, flowers, or whatever strikes your fancy.

    A decor box that says nice butt filled with toilet paper, a mirror, and a plan

    12. Some drawer knobs that'll instantly perk up any old set of drawers that has seen better days. They're super easy to install and reviewers say they're sturdy and beautiful.

    13. A grid wall panel that'll make the most of vertical space, which is great for smaller rooms. Hang up pictures of your friends and family, calendars, reminders, notes, or even baskets to store your stationery or extra bits and pieces.

    A wired frame is mounted on a wall with notes and pictures attached to it above a desk with a laptop on it

    14. A rose gold magazine holder that'll add a touch of sophistication to any room. You can also use it to store books and vinyl records in your living room, or for documents in your office.

    A triangular magazine holder with books in it is on a flat surface

    15. A plush rug that'll make you want to ditch your couch, so you can roll around in its floofy goodness instead. Grab a cup of tea and your favourite colouring book, put on a podcast, and sink into this shaggy wonder for a cozy afternoon.

    16. A cozy throw, because getting your snuggle on is always a good look, particularly when it's with alpaca friends. Throw it on your couch for afternoon snoozles or use it in your office or room when you and the person you live with can't decide on what the AC should be set to.

    17. A Himalayan salt lamp that can either serve as an accent to your room or as a nightlight to protect you from stubbing your toes in the evening. It's about seven inches tall, so it won't take up too much space, and every piece is hand-carved from natural minerals, so your lamp will be totally unique.

    A Himalayan salt lamp is on top of a book beside a plant

    18. Some pillow covers featuring befuddled kitties for your couch or your bed that you'll want to snuggle up to if you're actual feline friend is ignoring you. They're also washer and dryer safe, so they can be thrown in the wash if you've drooled on them one too many times.

    A set of four pllow covers featuring cats that look confused

    19. A pretty wreath full of realistic, lush silk roses for a dreamy vibe. It can be hung on your front door, in your room, bathroom, or anywhere in your house that needs a little romantic ambience.

    A wreath with lush flowers hangs on a door

    20. A winerack, because wine is arguably the most cheerful thing of all. Stock up on a few of your favourite bottles, because having some of the good stuff on hand is always a good idea.

    A winerack sits on a table with wine bottles in it and a glass of red wine beside it

    21. A macrame wall decor piece that'll spruce up that bare wall that you have no idea what to do with. It's made of 100% cotton and would also look great over a bed, a couch, or near a window for a fancy touch to your space.

    A macrame decoration hangs on a wall with dowel to support it and a hanging string

    22. A floral duvet cover, so you'll always have some flowers in your space — even in the dead of winter. It's decorated with hydrangeas and orchids in a whimsical pattern and it comes with matching pillow cases.

    A floral duvet cover and pillowcases are on a bed

    23. A set of flatware that'll serve four people and add an unexpected touch of luxury to your dinner table. Reviewers say this fun alternative to traditional silverware is durable and won't dull or chip over time.

    A knife, big spoon, little spoon, big fork and small fork lie flat on a table

    24. Some peel-and-stick floor decals to cover up the unfortunate flooring you hate, but can't afford to shell out big bucks on. Just trim the excess with a knife to the shape you need for your space, peel off the backing, stick to the floor or any flat surface, and bam! Instant upgrade to your space.

    25. Some LED fairy lights to get that Insta-worthy wall that you can decorate with pictures of your friends and vacays (remember when that was a thing?). They have ten different levels of brightness, eight different lighting modes, and you just need to plug the them into a USB port to make them work — no batteries!

    Fairy lights are strung up above a bed with pictures attached to the cord with clothespins

    26. And lastly, a welcome mat that's so pleased to see you. It's made of coconut fibre that'll get the yucky stuff off your shoes before stepping inside, so your floors will stay nice and clean.

    A mat that says hello is on the ground in front of a partially opened door

    *Taps heels twice*

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