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15 Signs You Went To Oakland UMC For Appa 2018

5 days of wow

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1. You witnessed countless, and mostly preventable, injuries.

Turns out cars can hit people but people can also hit cars.

2. You experienced Southern hospitality on a whole new level.

If there aren't three types of mashed potatoes, can you really call it dinner?

3. You relived your childhood by going to school, camp, and the rec center.

Launching rockets, tea parties, rhyming games, and Pre-K proposals galore.

4. You witnessed a whole lot of laughter.

Pro Tip: Never play the haha game with someone who giggles easily.

5. You traded in your BC bed for a pew.

Hotel Appa anyone?

6. You learned the importance of the aux cord.

Second only to listening to the radio tunes of the locals.

7. You got mad competitive with four square, foosball, and spoons.

Or you quickly learned how to lose.

8. You spent more time with animals than people.

Bonus points if you're allergic to dogs and still played with them.

9. You adapted your caffeine consumption to tiny cups of coffee brewed by Luke T.

If your coffee isn't black and hot, you're a child.

10. You learned a range of rather interesting nicknames.

Lukulele, Mr. Sprinkles, and for the more aggressive trip members, Luke the Lesser.

11. You learned that a fork and a spoon are all you need for a fun game!

This is a fork. A what? A what? A what? A fork. A fork. A fork.

12. You took some pretty exciting (and unintentional) backroad rides.

Country roads, take me home.

13. You were dragged into seeing a pretty weird bird statue in Charlotte.

Maybe the pastries made up for it?

Maybe the pastries made up for it?

14. You slept very little, partially due to peer pressure.

In the words of Marlon, "We can be pillowtalk buddies."

15. You met some pretty amazing and loving people and are incredibly grateful for your week in Galax.



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