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Female Body Image Has Changed, but the Body Hasn't

According to some of the celebs out there, it may seem uncommon that us gals have a little extra "cushion for the pushin,'" if you know what I mean. But guess what; it's been that way for centuries! Surprise, you're normal! 14th century b00bies are just a click away.

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Venus with Organist and Cupid, 1548 by Tiziano Vecellio / Via

Venus, the nude reclining lady, is the organist's muse. A.K.A. he thinks she's really hot so he plays music. The artist could have portrayed this goddess any way he liked, yet look at that full tummy! Look at those wonky boobies! Still beautiful.

The Three Graces, 1639 by Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens / Via

Again, the ladies being painted are goddesses. Hello, goddesses are known for their significant beauty! This time, they're painted to show off their lovely derrieres. No perfectly sculpted Kim K butts here! Au naturel, baby.

Aphrodite Statue, 1st or 2nd century A.D. / Via

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality, is considered to be the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She doesn't care about a few tummy rolls! She's embracing her inner goddess.

Pastoral Concert, 1508 by Giorgione

Giorgione / Via

Here we have a painting that's meant to be an allegory of nature with some women here to represent Muses of poetry. Notice that the women, not the men, are the nakey ones. This is no concert orgy; it's an admiration of the female figure.

The Venus of Urbino, 1538 by Titian

Titian / Via

Here's another super sensual portrait of Venus, the goddess of loooove. She's holding flowers, probably a morning-after gift because of course the goddess of love is just that great. But hey, look at that curve in her tummy. Look at those thick thighs. No breast implants on this chica!

Marble statue of Aphrodite, 1st or 2nd century A.D.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Via

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality, does not have washboard abs. Heck, she doesn't even have a perfectly flat stomach. She definitely doesn't eat salad everyday and for sure treats herself to McDonald's every once in a while!

The Birth of Venus, 1482-5 by Botticelli

Botticelli / Via

Last but certainly not least, we have another nude Venus in a painting you have probably seen before at least once in your life. Even Venus has what people like to call today a "pooch." It was natural in 1482, and it's natural now! Sure, she wouldn't walk in the VS Fashion Show, but she is the epitome of beauty.


These ladies have left a legacy for hundreds of years by being the most beautiful women of their time. What may seem like excess weight is natural; next time you're feeling down, compare yourself to these timeless beauty icons instead of the women of today that buy their bodies!

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