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    These Pro Food Photos Are Downright Mesmerizing


    Pink Lady produces a competition every year to find the very best in food photography. For this year's, there were over 7,000 images and films entered across 60 countries. Here are some of the finalists.

    This glorious stack of chicken and cheese sandwiches:

    Jean Cazals / "Chicken Cheese Toasty" / Via

    This plate of fruit that legit looks a still-life painting from the Dutch Golden Age:

    Emma Franklin / "The Beauty of Fruit" / Via

    (No, seriously — here's an actual painting from that time period.)

    Heritage Images / Getty Images

    Can you tell the difference? I CAN'T.


    Isaac Callis / "Planets" / Via

    Look at all that bloody wine!:

    Jenelle Bonifield / "Press" / Via

    A vino lover's ~paradise~:

    Matt Wilson / "Skin Contact" / Via

    10/10 would sit at the kid's table if it were as elegantly rustic as this one:

    Lucy Pope / "Kid's Table" / Via

    I think I am picnic-ing wrong. Take me here:

    Maja Danica Pecanic / "Picnic" / Via

    These guys don't let any bit of food go to waste:

    Marcin Jucha / "Appreciate Every Piece" / Via

    Just whoa:

    Olimpia Davies / "Treasure of the Sea" / Via

    u ok?:

    Petra Novotna / "Octopus" / Via

    A farmer's market ON WATER:

    Paula Watts / "Floating Vegetable Market" / Via

    Jean Grey, where you at?:

    Polina Plotnikova / "Unstill Life" / Via

    Best hiding place from vampires is this forest full of garlic right here:

    But really, when is someone going to make smell-o-vision real?!

    Shoeb Frauqee / "The Grand Kitchen" / Via

    This year’s top award went to British photographer Mark Benham who is the second Brit to win the award in the past five years.

    Mark Benham / "Flower Frenzy" / Via

    For even more drool-worthy photos, check out Pink Lady.