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    17 Times The Mom On Clarissa Was A Goddamn Style Icon

    She's a bonafide style icon, ya'll.

    Praise the '90s TV gods, Clarissa Explains it All is on now on Hulu.

    As my boyfriend and I were watching it, he pointed out, " dress just like the mom. I'm pretty sure you have that exact outfit."

    While at first I was all "I'M NOT A MOM!" I realized as I kept watching that being told you dress like the Clarissa's mom, Janet Darling, is a damn compliment. Clarissa gets all the credit when fashion is brought up, but if you take a closer look, her mom is the real queen.

    Like it or not, the '90s are back, without the shoulder pads. And here are 17 reasons to embrace it:

    1. When she was taken aback by her own outfit:

    2. When she looked like a forest nymph:

    3. When she showed Mr. Darling just how lucky he was:

    4. When she taught you how to take an oversized sweatshirt and make it chic:

    5. When she showed she can work bright colors, too:

    6. When she made Ferguson realize his mom is ravishing:

    7. When she schooled you on how to mix-n-match prints:

    8. When she showed us that button ups should be buttoned all the way up:

    9. When she taught us how to properly do a messy French twist:

    10. When she knew she looked like as beautiful as a Greek goddess:

    11. When she showed you how to properly do denim on denim (with a vest):

    12. When she was so excited by how royal she looked in gem tones:

    13. When she wasn't afraid to rock a statement piece:

    14. When she looked sheerly magnificant:

    15. When her kitchen walls were envious of her shirt's mustard hue:

    16. When she embraced her inner artist:

    17. When she rocked a romper:

    Keep mixing up fashion magic forever, Mrs. Darling.