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    Here Are Some Things You Might Not Know About K-pop Group KARD

    Time to find the ~Hidden KARD~ in all of us.

    First things first. If you don't know KARD, they are a four-person K-pop group signed with DSP Media that officially debuted this past July.

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    But prior to their debut, KARD released three pre-debut singles — "Oh Nana," "Don't Recall," and "Rumor" — that were the subject of a lot of hype and positive reception.

    In addition to part one of their Wild Kard fanmeet tour earlier this year (which is basically unheard of for a group that hasn't officially debuted or promoted yet!), those releases culminated in their long-awaited debut with the Latin-inspired dance-pop track "Hola Hola."

    We caught up with them backstage before the NYC stop of their Wild Kard Pt. 2 Tour to pick their brains about life, music, and superheroes. Let's get to it!

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    Even though they all said that joining a co-ed group was "easier," (Somin) "better," (Jiwoo) and "not as uncomfortable or awkward" (J.Seph) as they thought, it's not something to be taken lightly — KARD's the only active co-ed *idol* group in a super saturated world of male- and female-only groups!

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    And because of that, they bring something unique to the table just by ~existing~. Add in catchy electropop tunes, signature dance moves (ahem, "walk like a lion" anyone?) an English-speaking member, and you get international appeal and attention well before their official Korean promotions. 🔥

    Before every show, they come together for a classic "fighting" team cheer.

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    What's not so classic about it? They're definitely more enthusiastic in this recorded clip, but Jiwoo's tiny motion in the GIF is more in line with their normal team "fighting" chant, which is done "a little bit lifelessly/dryly." Or in BM's words, "keep[ing] it very subtle."

    It's a tough call but out of all their music videos so far, the members seem to agree that their latest "Hola Hola" has been the most fun to film.

    View this video on YouTube

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    BM explains, "we shot it all in LA (in places like Angels Gate Park) and Vegas, so that was really cool. It took three days. I think as much fun as it was, it was very, very difficult."

    "We rented a car and I was the only one who could drive so when the other members were all sleeping in the other car, I was driving and slapping myself to stay up."

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    But despite a slew of hectic filming schedules he says "there were a lot of good memories."

    Since BM's from LA, I wondered what his favorite spots in LA are.

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    His response? "If you're talking food, The Boiling Crab and In-N-Out. Otherwise...personally I spent a lot of time skate parks. Upland Skate Park is a very good place."

    KARD's music tends to be really upbeat and infectious and the members really embody that spirit too.

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    When asked what they want people to take away from KARD's music, Jiwoo said "energy" and BM added "positive vibes" and "happiness."

    He went on to recount a fan who really struck a chord when he came up to him and said, “yo, KARD’s music helps me with my anxiety." He then added his own two cents: "if KARD’s music puts out that type of energy I think it gives it a bigger meaning than just music."

    J.Seph spoke up when asked about what concepts (fashion, music, anything!) they want to try in the future and said he's interested in doing "an emotional R&B track."

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    Like ~really~ emotional. "Something...that will bring tears to my eyes while I sing."

    They'd also love to try hosting a "KARD camp" with fans where they "play soccer and eat barbecue" together.

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    They cited Ha Jung-Woo's (a famous Korean actor) camp as an example, where "you go on a one- or two-night trip with fans and get to know each other." Umm, sign me up ASAP!

    Like a lot of us, BM likes to listen to positive music when he's in a mental rut.

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    He says, "one of my favorite songs is 'Love Yourz' by J. Cole. It’s a song about appreciating what you have instead of looking at what you don’t cause that’s the stuff that keeps you in an unhappy place, I guess. I try not to think too far ahead and just think about what’s in front of me." 💯

    And the extremely important question on everyone's mind — ok, just mine? — what would be their superpower of choice be?


    BM: "Superman."

    Somin: "Teleportation."

    Jiwoo: "I want to be the Goblin, like in the K-drama Goblin."

    FYI, Goblin is a 939-year-old immortal goblin and protector of souls, as well as the Grim Reaper's landlord — all very casual.

    J.Seph: "Reading people's minds/telepathy."

    Peace out, KARD! Thanks for chatting with us!


    Listen to their music on Spotify and don't forget to follow them on social media!

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    YouTube: @KARD