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    32 Warm Dresses That Are So, So Much Better Than Pants Will Ever Be

    Dresses = hero wardrobe item. Who's with me??

    1. A pleated lantern-sleeve dress to make all of your panic-filled "What do I wear??" mornings a thing of the past — just slip this bb on and get ready to sashay your way out into the world *and* to all the compliments.

    2. A soft-to-the-touch v-neck dress that'll make you question why your entire wardrobe isn't solely made up of terry material — time to investigate this very serious inquiry!

    3. A turtleneck dress to *actually* keep your bod warm on those rare occasions you actually want to leave the house during the winter and hit up your usual nighttime spots.

    4. A buttoned midi sweater dress for a societally-acceptable way of wrapping yourself in a cozy knit blanket.

    5. A layering-ready, pencil-style dress (with ample stretch!) that'll make you ~mad for plaid~ all year round.

    6. A cabernet v-neck sweater dress known for aging like ~fine wine~ and being super fashionable without even trying — it comes with a belt, so you don't have to try either! Just add a pair of heeled combat boots for that chef's kiss effect.

    7. An accordion dress that will ~knot~ disappoint on the counts of warmth, style, and all around huggability.

    8. A roomy, versatile crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) to act as an extension of your PJs — but like, for normal life instead of watching Nexflix in your bed.

    9. A bodycon midi with a single colorblock, because that's all the accent you need to make a rather large statement.

    10. A patterned, full skirted number with longer sleeves to keep your swingers warm and so many pretty designs, you'll be hard-pressed not to buy at least five (and not to mention, more dresses = more compliments).

    11. A gorgeous long-sleeved velvet dress that'll pair perfectly with some mulled wine by a crackling fireplace with five of your bestest friends in a ski cabin in Vermont. Can you picture it? I sure tried with that description.

    12. A colorful striped dress to chase those dreary winter blues (and grays and blacks) far, far away.

    13. A casual waist-tie number you'll fall in love with at first sight — so much so, that you won't care about breaking this out multiple times a week.

    14. A double-buttoned shirt dress that'll elevate your badass demeanor to higher than its everyday state — if it could talk, it'd say, "Don't. Mess. With. Me."

    15. An oversized turtleneck sweater dress to help you get ready in a jiffy when you've overslept — just toss this cozy bb over, pull on some tights and OTK boots, and you are winter fashun at its finest.

    16. A speckled sweater dress (with an unexpected twist cutout on the back) designed to be so soft and buttery-feeling, it'll feel (and look) like you're wearing cashmere — how's that for your "champagne taste on a beer budget" lifestyle?

    17. An off-the-shoulder lace number for any winter weddings (maybe even your own??) or holiday parties on the docket — 'cause showing off a bit of skin and keeping warm shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

    18. A thicc cable knit dress you can actually count on making you feel like cozy and cocooned in the face of bitter cold winds — it's all about making things work in your favor.

    19. A side-buttoned cutie pie with lots of monochrome and striped options, so you can swing your way to warmth and happiness every day of the week.

    20. A roomy burnout French terry sweatshirt dress destined for lazy days and messy buns — so probably every day. If your manager questions your wardrobe choices, remind them you've earned your stripes.

    21. A flowy striped maxi that'll make people backtrack to tell you how lovely you look — it'll also hug ya up top and give your legs room to breathe, especially when you're wearing tights to keep warm.

    22. A gorgeous cashmere-blend number with a pretty pleated skirt and wrap-around tie — unlike doomed, star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, your ~criss-crossed~ love with this dress will last forever.

    23. A classy black wrap dress featuring darling peach-colored piping, so if all you ever wear is black but your New Year's resolution is to wear other colors occasionally, this is probably a good first step.

    24. A long-sleeve skater dress that'll demand the attention of the room with its laser-cut scalloped hems and impressive swinging skills — I mean, color me impressed!

    25. A ladder cutout sweater dress to prove, once and for all, that you don't need to ~cut out~ dresses from your winter wardrobe — just look at the style, the class, and the coziness!!

    26. A velvet dreamboat you'll probably throw a party for, just so you can wow everyone and prove you're the best-dressed hostess in history.

    27. A flared Peter Pan collar dress for anyone who wants to feel like Wednesday Addams more than one day out of the whole year — or just show how their inner self feels about winter existing, period.

    28. A belted flannel dress that'll make you ~check yourself out~ in the mirror much more than usual — in the bathroom, in storefront windows, in car windows, etc.

    29. A velvet chenille dress you'll never want to take off once it's on — it's so dang soft that being cuddled by this will negate the need for a S.O.

    30. A splurgeworthy cashmere turtleneck dress to marry your cozy and chic styles together in one piece — and bonus: you can retreat into your dress instead of needing a scarf!

    31. A crewneck shift dress proving that some flowers *do* bloom in the wintertime — at least when you're wearing, nurturing, and showing them off.

    32. A dreamy lace-patterned gown that'll keep you warm from neck to toe and probably lead to standing ovations whenever you want into a room — just my hunch.

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