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28 Things That'll Instantly Make Your Day Better

If these don't put a smile on your face, nothing will.

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1. Some EXTREMELY ADORABLE AND PLUMPY Tsum Tsum Lip Balms ready to steal every Disney fan's heart.,

"Tsum tsum" means "stack stack" in Japanese.

Get the Mickey and Minnie Mouse set from Amazon for $9.02 (available in nine character sets) and the Winnie the Pooh set from Amazon for $13.99 (available in two character sets).

3. Mickey Mouse cooking utensils — measuring spoons and tongs — that take the phrase "helping hand" very seriously.


4. An adorable pup or a quaint teal chimney, because allergies don't seem *as bad* when you're pulling tissues out of these, right?,

Promising review: "Totally cute & fun for the bathroom. The 'house' is heavy enough to stay down when the tissue is pulled out. I was bored with the way tissue box covers looked, so I was happy to find this little house. It's like a having a small joke on the counter & makes me smile to see it." —diedrebird

Get the pup tissue cover from Amazon for $14.59 and the house tissue cover from Amazon for $11.91 (available in three colors).

5. A smiling bread plushie that will always loaf you — or at least support your head for a restful nap.

7. A shimmery AF rainbow highlighter concocted from unicorn dust*., @vanedb / Via

*not officially confirmed

Promising review: "Absolutely lovely. Very pigmented and buildable for a super magical glow. Pretty good-sized pan. I get stopped everywhere with people asking about my highlight when I wear this, which is pretty much daily." —Taylor Does Beauty

Get it from Forever 21 for $5.90. They're also selling a similar highlighter from the brand Lottie London for $7.50.


11. Adorably big-eyed wineglass markers that are a cuter method of identification than lipstick prints (or worse, your memory).

Promising review: "These aren't only for cootie-phobic winos! As long as whatever I attach them to is slightly larger than the opening of his front lips, I can put them on the rim of ANY cup/glass/plate/bowl. If none of those work for you, they're great around pencils, pens, and cables. Instant cuteness and identification." —Bob Fossil

Get a set of six from Amazon for $6.73.


14. Soothing blue narwhal and whale tea infusers to lift your spirits during or after a particularly tough day.,

Promising review: "It works great but I mostly got it because it's so cute and it's easy to lift in and out of my cup. I have a thing for whales." —Jackie S. Adams

Get the narwhal from Modcloth for $4.99 (on sale from $14.99) or the whale from Amazon for $7.70 (available in seven designs).


16. Expressive sticky notes that really want to help you remember every little thought.

Promising review: "I absolutely adore these sticky notes! I had to buy two sets to share the cuteness with everyone at my work and they all loved them! There are four different designs and each one is cute in its own way. They stick just as well as any market-brand sticky note." —Clb92113

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.99.

17. A huggable plushie stuffed to the brim with happy lil' cheesy puffs.

18. Corgi butt pins or butt mugs that basically guarantee you'll never have a sad day again.

19. A crossword puzzle book or Howl's Moving Castle to cozy up with and get lost in.,

Promising review: "This is the 16th book in Simon & Schuster's Mega Crossword Puzzle Book series and also the 16th one I'm eagerly and excitedly into. These books are jam-packed with 300+ puzzles crafted by top-notch cruciverbalists (crossword puzzle creators). The perforated white pages make the puzzles very easy to detach and read. As for puzzle difficulty, it varies. I've found some puzzles quite easy, but several to be quite challenging. Solving the puzzles is a nice bonus but not the end-all because you can learn a lot of interesting and enlightening trivia!" —Dina Anargyros

Get the crosswords book from Amazon for $8.31 (paperback) and Howl's from Amazon for $7.27 (paperback) or $4.49 (Kindle).


20. A hodgepodge of ridiculously punny pins that instantly brighten any outfit.,

(Even if it's just your tee-and-sweats library combo.)

Get both sets from Linda Panda on Etsy for $50 — the first one here and the second set here. You can also buy each pin separately for $12.

22. A sweet, sweet candle that hits the smell of your home state right on the nose.

Promising review (for Illinois): "As someone who recently left the Land of Lincoln for a sunnier state (and a new job), I've been burning this for a few days now. It's a slightly sweet smell, and when it arrived at my office, everyone wanted to know what it was — it smells that good. While it's not my all-time favorite Chicago scent (deep-dish pizza, duh), it's a pretty delicious alternative that's great for your living room." —Kitt

Get it from BuzzFeed's Homesick Candles for $29.95.

Find all the other states here!

23. A blushing sloth or koala buddy to snuggle with — just look at their arms all outstretched and ready for your hugs.


24. A classic striped shirt for your pup, so you can match them and get all the aww's walking down the street.

Get it from Pipolli on Etsy for $35 (available in sizes S–L).

For a human shirt, might I suggest this one from Frank + Oak?

26. A plucky humidifier/diffuser that fits the bill for any stressful day, coughing fit, or extremely dry room.

Promising review: "The duck is so cute! My main concern was that I wanted a diffuser that sprayed out and not up since it has to sit on a bookshelf, and this diffuser does just that! It runs for longer than I expected it to, given the small size of the tank, and I love that it automatically shuts off when the tank is empty so I don't have to worry about it." –Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

27. Tiny planter necklaces to breathe some ~life~ back into your soul.,

Get the first one from Wearable Planter on Etsy for $37 (available in six other colors) and the second one for $39 (available in five other colors).

28. A fluffy hot-pink llama that you might think is just decor, until you realize it's also an A+ duster.