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    These Makeup Brushes All Under $3 Are A Broke Makeup Addict's Dream

    Super cheap, super fluffy, can't lose.

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    Listen up, people. I'm a cheap-o barely-adult and a makeup addict, which means my wishlist of beautiful products that promise a MFBMP* makeover is always met with a side-eye from my bank account.

    Frederator Studios

    *MFBMP = my face but more presentable (lol)

    "No, you can't buy the ENTIRE Fenty collection, ALL of the Too Faced Chocolate Palettes, or EVERY shade of Smashbox Always on Matte." —My bank account (Puppycat) giving me (Bee) a wake-up call every two days.

    But the thing is: while I am 😍 for just about all makeup products equally, when it comes to makeup brushes, I'm way less willing to part with my hard-earned $$$.

    Cash Money Records / Via

    And tbh, I usually just use my fingers (call me a ~finger makeup artist~) to apply makeup: concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter, you name it! And sometimes a Real Techniques sponge to blend out my foundation. But I start running into some snags when it comes to certain formulas or just making sure everything looks as ~seamless~ as possible.

    Solution? These floofy brushes from drugstore staple Wet n Wild.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    THEY'RE ALL UNDER $3. (Nice brushes typically run you $20 to $40!) Hear that? My heart just skipped a beat. 💓

    I use the blush brush most for powder (it's so satisfying to run all across your face) and highlighter, as shown in the GIF below (FYI, I like dumping on as much shimmer as possible).

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    But yes, it would probably also work very nicely for blush — light-handed blush, the best kind (especially for the person who looked like a clown for a dance performance in third grade because she decided to put on blush by herself for the first time ever...yeah, me).

    And if you don't believe me, believe this Amazon reviewer: "It applies the blush really well and doesn't poke me in the face. So soft. Like a quick pamper while I'm getting ready for the day." —Stormsong

    Get it from Amazon or Jet for $1.99. Also, if you prefer applying less highlighter, you can buy a fan brush from Walgreens for $2.99!

    Next up is the crease brush, which is my favorite for blending shades into my (surprise!) crease and generally blending darker shades.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    I usually apply lighter ones all over my lids first with my finger and then use this bb so all the colors look like they're playing nice and meant to be worn together!! Peaceful coexistence is the name of the game.

    Get it from Amazon for 99 cents or Jet for $2.07. For other sizes, there are also large and small eyeshadow brushes from Amazon for 99 cents each.

    The contour brush is the latest addition to my collection since I've recently started wearing bronzer more consistently, and this brush is just perfect for it!

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Not too thin, not too thick, and it applies bronzer with an ever-important light hand for very smooth "3"-shaped swipes (and along the sides of your nose if you'd like). Great for pretending like I actually willingly go outside.

    Get it from Amazon for 99 cents or Jet for $2.07.

    In conclusion, these brushes blend wonderfully, are super pretty, are as soft as I'd imagine a unicorn's tail to be, and they're all a serious bang for your buck. What more convincing do you need?? HAPPY BLENDING!

    Golden Eight Media / OnStyle

    Score 'em all from Amazon: the blush brush for $1.99, contour brush for 99 cents, and crease brush for 99 cents.

    And shop the rest of the collection on Amazon and Jet for 99 cents and up!

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