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    25 Of The Best Things Under $25 To Buy At The Grommet

    Treat yourself to a bunch of innovative gadgets (made by small businesses and makers)!

    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Hello, people of the Internet! If you don't know what The Grommet is yet, you should. It's a curated marketplace with a mission of promoting the coolest, most unique, and undiscovered products from independent, small-scale businesses.

    Interest piqued? Here are some of the best products available right now for $25 and under:

    1. Color-changing jelly flower lip tints that continue to be a huge beauty trend and gorgeous vanity/purse staples.

    Price: $25 (six shades)

    2. A super sturdy and chic wine carafe equipped with a locking lid that preserves the good stuff for way longer than re-corking does.

    Promising review: "My husband and I enjoy wine and always have some chilling in the wine fridge. We thought we were keeping them well by using those rubber stoppers or reusing the cork, but after trying the Savino Carafe, we have noticed how much better our wine tastes after a day or two. We will probably be purchasing more as presents, especially for those hard-to-buy for people." —Mary

    Price: $24.95

    3. A svelte dishwasher-safe cake server that slices, squeezes/lifts, and deposits the perfect curved slice onto your plate.

    Promising review: "As a one-handed consumer, I must say that this Grommet product is genius! Works perfectly. Magisso has got it goin' on when it comes to design!" —Sarah

    Price: $15

    4. A collapsible travel mug for easy drinking on the go *without* the unnecessary bulk of your usual steel one.

    They don't make purses big enough for this shit, ok?

    Promising review: "During my first use I quickly learned *not* to fill it all the way to the top, but after that it works great! Every barista I have taken it to is totally enthralled with the idea. I rinse it out after my drink is gone and drop it in my bag. It hasn't leaked and looks like it will stand the test of time." —Tanya

    Price: $15

    5. Retractable lint rollers in every color of the rainbow for quick touch-ups because some outfits are just LINT-ATTRACTING MONSTERS.

    No grudges here, none at all. Btw, each set comes with 90 reusable, tear-off adhesive sheets (30 that come inside the roller and two refills of 30 each).

    Promising review: "I always keep one in my purse! The design is great — no more wasted sheets because they are protected when closed and I feel like sheets pick up more before needing to be discarded." —

    Price: $11.50 (six colors)

    Refills are also available for $4.50.

    6. A portable microfiber rain hood that easily slips underneath any jacket so you can keep dry without having to buy an ugly raincoat or mess with an umbrella.

    Hands-free protection means you can keeping texting away, because priorities.

    Promising review: "I am headed to Europe this summer with just a backpack. This is a great way to pack light but still be ready for unexpected showers." —Krista

    Price: $24.95

    7. A handy pill-ception water bottle so you have no excuse to forget to take your meds!!

    Promising review: "I purchased these for my father-in-law, mother-in-law, mom, and of course myself. Very good idea. You always have the water you need to take your pills right at hand, so no excuses to miss meds." —Deborah

    Price: $12.95 (five colors)

    8. Pseudo bear paws for perfectly shredded meat, steady watermelons, tossed meat, and whatever else that needs a little aggressive handling in the kitchen., Bear Paw Products

    Promising review: "These tore through solid pork to make delicious pulled pork sandwiches in no time at all! They are much sturdier than the photo implies. I don't doubt for a second that they could lift a good-sized roast. These things get an A+ from me." —Eddi

    Price: $9.95

    9. A genius post-bug bite neutralizing pen that kills itch-inducing bacteria and prevents inflamed bites (when used within four hours).

    Promising review: "For some reason, mosquitos REALLY like my husband and the bites always turn into huge welts. He is super impressed with this thing — he got bit right on the forehead, tried this immediately after, and it completely prevented itching and the bite barely swelled into a welt." —Mandi

    Price: $24.95

    10. A geometric twist on beer pong to entertain people who can still maintain hand-eye coordination and aren't totally hexagone.

    Because when you're drunk, everything is automatically entertaining. Besides the unique honeycomb design, the cups have grooved bottoms that prevent floating or cup "ghosting."

    Price: $16.95 (for a set of 22 cups and three balls)

    11. A spill-proof weighted coaster that fits super snugly on the arm of your couches so you always have whatever you're sipping on within reach.

    Because nothing's worse than having to streeeetch your arm once you're planted in a comfortable position. (Let's not even speak of getting up — the horror.)

    Promising review: "I needed a way to keep my drink on hand since a side table wouldn't fit next to the recliner. It's well-balanced with the weights on the sides and stays put on a slightly rocking recliner. The insert is a brilliant move, allowing you to switch from regular glasses to coffee mugs. Only wish I had known this existed sooner!" —Jamie

    Price: $19.95 (four colors)

    12. Eco-friendly hypoallergenic dryer eggs to gently soften your laundry and reduce dry time in tumblr dryers — thanks to nodules that allow dryer heat to circulate more efficiently.

    No egg-static here!

    Price: $12.95 (a set of two eggs, plus four fragrance sticks that last for 40 dries each)

    Refill fragrance sticks are available for $3.95 each. Also available in a "mineral laundry egg" version for $24.95.

    13. "FootGloss," a beeswax- and olive fruit oil-infused balm that creates a barrier between your skin and unforgivingly tough shoes so you won't be limping everywhere in pain.

    Rude shoes: 0

    You, a very smart person: 1

    Promising review: "My Sperry topsiders rubbed my heels like crazy, but who wants to wear socks with topsiders?! FootGloss did the trick! I'm so glad I bought the two-pack. One for home and one for my bag. Great item!" —Lydia

    Price: $20 (set of two)

    14. State-customized cotton hand towels for a little reminder of home no matter where you actually are.

    Promising review: "I bought two sets of these towels, one for a New Yorker and one for a friend from New Jersey. They both absolutely LOVED their unique towels and have gotten many compliments on them already." —Kay

    Price: $18

    15. A nifty bottle opener that lets you oh-so-cooly flick open beer bottles with just one hand. Plus, it's magnetic, so no more beer caps flying across the room (whew).

    Next thing you know you'll be shooting finger guns at your guests — another example of your swag.

    Promising review: "I bought these as stocking stuffers for Christmas. My kids never seem to have a bottle opener and these are easy to use and highly visible in the utility drawer. With one hand you can easily open a bottle and the magnet holds on to the cap for easy disposal. Very handy!" —Henry

    Price: $16+ (seven colors)

    16. A personal back scratcher attached to a nylon strap so you can reach every damn itch without straining your poor muscles.

    One side has wider spikes for gentler scratching and the other has pointier spikes for a more intense scratch. Ooh, ahh.

    Promising review: "I have purchased six of these (five as gifts) because once someone tries it, they want to have it. It gets the itch and there is no place it can't reach. I also live alone and I had hit-or-miss success with other scratchers to get all the itchy spots on my back." —Lorraine

    Price: $12.95

    17. A reusable (up to 500+ times!) carbon eyeglasses cleaner that wipes away all traces of oil and smudges so you can stop squinting and misreading everything once and for all.

    Promising review: "I purchased three of these. I am an avid reader and my glasses are in constant need of cleaning. With one by my computer, one on my nightstand, and one in my purse, I don't have to worry about smudged glasses anymore — 'I can see clearly now.'" —Zeragirl

    Price: $14.95 (four colors)

    18. Scent-infused therapy dough totally begging to be squished and played with. Just take a breather, everyone.

    There's also an accompanying book for $13! Cause squishy dough and wise words go hand in hand, duh.

    Promising review: "Easy to manipulate and great for keeping my hands busy when talking or watching TV. The scent remains on my hands even after I put it back in the container." —Jackie

    Price: $25 (six scents)

    19. Neon-ish wristband headphones that DO 👏 NOT 👏 BECOME 👏 TANGLED 👏 and are super convenient to have on hand, especially when your office neighbors decide to have an impromptu argument (ugh).

    Promising review: "Most practical set of headphones for my smartphone! I love the fact that they do not tangle. I've used these for work conference calls and just to listen to music or videos without disturbing anyone around me." —Eileen

    Price: $19.95 (four colors)

    Also available in a microphone-enabled version for $24.95 each.

    20. A simply swanky light-up cord organizer to resolve any tangled messes or floor-loving chargers, especially at nighttime when you have limited vision.

    Promising review: "This a wonderful little item. I can organize our laptop charging cables along with the printer cable that continually dropped behind the table. The removable top makes it easy to place and remove cables." —Stephani

    Price: $19.95 (two colors)

    21. Stain remover that's nothing short of ~magic~ on fresh oopsies and not just for wine — berries, makeup, blood, and grass are also no match for it.

    As if we needed another excuse to drink *more* carelessly.

    Promising review: "We spilled bitters on our counter and it sat there for 24 hours. My wife said 'it stained the counter!' but I came to the rescue with the stain remover and in three seconds it was gone. I'm a hero thanks to this product." —Keri

    Price: $7.95

    22. "Worry eater" plushies to gobble away whatever's bothering you — aka, the CUTEST way to deal with your problems.

    Promising review: "A friend's son is dealing with some emotional issues and being able to communicate his feelings in a healthy way. He loved having Flam to write them down, tuck them away, and not have to deal with them. After the moment passes, he can carry on with his day. Very nice quality too." —Lisa

    Price: $19.95 (six versions)

    23. A pocket-sized touchscreen cleanser that cleans your phone, tablet, etc., of all fingerprints and bacteria without any liquids or mess.

    Promising review: "I had been using a microfiber cloth on my iPad but never got the results I wanted. The iRoller actually removes fingerprints with very little effort and leaves the screen sparkling! Also, when the roller gets dirty, it is very easy to clean with running water. I will be ordering more as gifts." —Susanne

    Price: $20

    24. An extremely compact key organizer so you can eliminate purse bulk, the sound of noisy keys, and accidental thigh-jabbing.

    Promising review: "This is the fourth KeySmart I've bought. One for each motorcycle and one for my car. It fits in my pocket just right and no more bulging key rings for me." —Gregory

    Price: $19.95 (eight colors)

    Also available in a "minimalist" version for $17.95.

    25. A rechargeable inflatable solar lantern that really sets the ~ambient~ mood for the night (in) ahead.


    Promising review: "I keep buying these and they keep getting better. I just love them. They perform beautifully and are so bright on dark nights — plus, they solar charge in one day and then stay charged for months. These warm ones are so soft and romantic, while the bright ones are easy to read with. This is such a great buy at such a small cost. It's a bit of magic. I keep them all over the house and in the car, and I also give them out as gifts. This is one of the best inventions ever!" —Rosalie

    Price: $19.95

    Also available in original ($17.95) and colored ($24.95) versions.

    Dim it down and prepare for the ultimate night in:

    Second Act Productions

    Check out all the other awesome products (including, gasp, things over $25) The Grommet has to offer here!

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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