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25 Stunning Temporary Tattoos For People Who Can't Commit

Forever is overrated anyways.

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1. A big stockpile of gold, teal, and black tats that have you covered for multiple music festivals.

2. Hopeful and encouraging "note to self" tattoos to serve as a daily testament to your strength and well-being.


4. An assortment of Harry Potter symbols and quotes so you're never without a little magic in your life.

5. Dainty heart and line tattoos for a lovely wraparound necklace.

6. Colorful specks designed from actual photographs of sprinkled confetti for a realistic ~party on your body~ vibe.

7. A wanderlust-inspired pack for anyone who has a bucket list that won't stop growing.


9. Sketch-like lomography tattoos for proud old-school camera nerds.

10. An assortment of literary tattoos that are a must for bookworms (and Peter Pan lovers).


12. Contemplative Alice tattoos that make you say, "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

That or "we're all mad here."

Get a set of two tattoos from Geek Tat on Etsy for $7.

Geek Tat's sister Etsy shop, Smash Tat, also offers a six-tattoo Alice in Wonderland pack for $11.

13. Metallic diamond tats for a truly priceless set of bling.


16. Gorgeous watercolor designs that could pass for a hand-painted job, but probably look way better.

17. A slightly grumpy (but nevertheless very floofy and precious) pup squad you can pet until you get a dog of your own.

And when dog owners give you the stink eye for interrupting their walk to fangirl over their dog.

Get a set of seven tattoos from Hello Harriet on Etsy for $17.26.

18. Delicate constellations for those starry-eyed folks who may or may not believe every single one of their horoscopes.


20. A minimalistic bird-themed set that will most definitely lead you to rewatch The Notebook.

🐦 💕 🐦

Get them as a set of 18 tattoos from Amazon for $10 or as individual designs for $3.99+.

21. Connect-the-dot illustrations to color in with the included safe-for-skin ink pens.

22. A colorful summer-tastic set of tattoos you'll be sporting poolside all season.