15 Bold Makeup Ideas For The Best Prom Ever

    Forget about the dress and let your face take ~center stage~.

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    1. Use glitter, glitter, and more glitter for an ethereal lewk that'll have everyone gasping at your makeup wizardry.

    2. Dip into the adventurous pool with wispy graphic liner that says, "Hello, I'm here to play!"

    3. Use contrasting-yet-complementary colors to outline your peepers and slay from all angles!

    4. Or stick to one color and ~go for the gold~ with a clean double-ended cat eye.

    5. Instead of your classic red, make a statement with lilac lips and matching ~cosmic~ purple-and-blue gradient eyeshadow.

    6. Or go off the deep end and paint your lips (and eyes!) a pretty teal, and then go the extra mile and draw some constellations for a complete work of art. Yep, your face will belong in a museum by the end!

    7. Shift the color party over from your lids to your brows and give your face a bolder ~frame~.

    8. Adorn your visage with the cutest lil' pastel hearts, freckles, and juicy lips for an updated romantic look.

    9. Slay a ton — not a bit — with all-over, color-coordinating shimmer.

    10. Go all out with a colorful grungy statement that comes from just one palette — because who has time to be mixing and matching?

    11. Pack the pigment onto and around your eyes, but with just two colors, so it's *powerful* but not overwhelming.

    12. Black wings are great and all, but what about this multicolored, dotted masterpiece to switch things up? No art degree needed.

    13. Create a half moon of stars lining the top of your brow to your cheekbones — that is, after you apply a bomb highlighter for sparkly effect.

    14. Speaking of temporary adornments, dot some face glitter/sequins to accessorize your makeup, 'cause why not?

    15. Gloss up your lids and transform into a bonafide #dewydumpling.

    Now you're ready to be all like...

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