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    This $6 Liquid Eyeliner Gives You The Best Cat Eyes Of Your Life

    NYX Epic Ink, you have my heart.

    LISTEN UP! I'm here to tell you why NYX Epic Ink Liner is my favorite black eyeliner in the history of ever. The holy grail of cat eyes. The blackest black ink known to humankind.

    I've also had it for a year and my pen still hasn't run dry. HOW INSANE IS THAT?

    Even thought I'm a total graphic liner newbie (I'm learning!!), Epic Ink comes through when you're tryna draw very precise lines.

    In terms of its ~dupe-ability~ of Kat Von D's Tattoo Ink Liner, I say...hell yes!

    And, to TOP it all off, this is *the* pick for best low-priced liquid eyeliner on BuzzFeed Reviews!

    So, whatchu waiting for? Get it from Amazon for $6.30.

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