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    24 Minimalist Home Products That Will Totally Soothe Your Soul

    I feel more relaxed already.

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    1. Wall hooks that fold up when they're not being used and double as a seamless piece of wall art.

    2. Floating cubist shelves to complement your home's ~industrial chic~ aesthetic.

    3. An arched LED floor lamp that resembles a lightsaber — as all cool lamps should, tbh.

    4. A curvaceous wine carafe to let your precious wine breathe and aerate its molecules without going stale or oxidizing.

    5. A luxurious marble coffee table and side table that scream — err, I mean politely comment at library noise levels — "I'm sophisticated AF."

    6. Magical floating bookshelves definitely not invented by mere muggles.

    7. Hanging pendant lights in both simple, neutral colors and bright Pantone colors for a touch of light in whatever room you decide to plop down in.

    8. A polished tree-like shelf that really ~stacks up~ compared to other less interesting, shorter shelves.

    9. A stunning tapestry featuring gold-bordered mountains and minimal details, because there needs to be a little bit of mystery, don't you think?

    10. A faux leather futon or sleeper sofa that will withstand the ages (aka many friends drunkenly crashing on it).

    11. Cute countdown blocks for all of your most important occasions like your fave artist's concert, birthday, and fated day they will meet and fall in love with you.

    12. A classy number-less clock because time doesn't need all those extra frills.

    13. A soothingly symmetrical wine rack that stores eight bottles at once — because you need backups of backups of backups.

    14. Self-adhesive constellation decals for a super easy and quick room makeover that'll have you ~starry eyed~.

    15. A 16-inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar so you can look freaking badass with all your knives hanging out in the open, but also save lots of space and avoid accidentally cutting yourself when fishing for knives inside your drawers.

    16. A shelved gunmetal/espresso desk that totally says, "I get my shit done."

    17. A pair of metal wire organizers to use as chic photo hangers or whatever else you'd rather not get lost in the crazy avalanche of stuff that barely passes as a desk.

    18. Gorgeous cursive wire sculptures that greet you day in and night out, as well as with every wine bottle consumed.

    19. A simple yet elegant sleepy eyes print to wish you well every night as you drift off to the lovely sounds of John Legend or Sara Bareilles crooning in the background.

    20. Acrylic mirror stickers that band together to create a magnificent work of art...and allow you to *make sure* you look 💯 and 🔥 before you leave home.

    21. A low-hanging clothing rack that is just as nice to look at as it is to, you know, hang clothes or stack shoes on or whatever.

    22. A sturdy and sophisticated bed frame and headboard combo that says, "Yes, I'm an adult and I take my sleep very seriously."

    23. An asymmetrical grid shower curtain to disrupt the balance of your bathroom, but in a good way.

    24. A ~curvy~ shelf that gives off the illusion of a fluffy cloud and closely hugs your toilet paper — because they need friends too.

    You in your new surroundings:

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