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29 Catchy K-Pop Songs You Need In Your Life

A list of seriously good bops released during the past two months.

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1. BTS's sexy, whispery "Blood Sweat & Tears," featuring a very enchanting music video.

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According to Billboard, Wings has set a new U.S. record for the highest-charting K-pop album (debuted at #26 on the Billboard 200). SLAY.

2. New Jersey native Ailee's sultry and soulful "Home," featuring fellow American-born rapper Yoonmirae.

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She's not referred to as "Korea's Beyoncé" for no reason. Her confidence and pipes are seriously breathtaking.

3. First generation idol group Sech Kies's triumphant comeback, "Three Words."

Debuted in 1997, disbanded at the height of their popularity in 2000, and reunited in 2016 — what a rollercoaster.

4. Vocal powerhouse group Mamamoo's jazzy tribute to one of the coolest cities in the world, "New York."

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They also released two songs as subunits, "Angel" (Whee-in and Solar) and "Dab Dab" (Moonbyul and Hyasa).

5. SHINee's 90s inspired "1 of 1," which incorporates funky jack swing and R&B rhythms.

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6. Infinite's stormy number, "The Eye," featuring their signature orchestra-synth style and a characteristically intense music video.

7. Red Velvet's extremely catchy and colorful "Russian Roulette."

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8. "Years," a dreamy EDM track (with both Korean and Chinese versions) brought you to by Swedish DJ/producer Alesso and EXO's Chen.

9. F(x) groupmates Amber and Luna's spacey, whimsical "Heartbeat," which has both Korean and English versions.

10. MOBB's dope doubleheader tracks, "Full House" and "Hit Me."

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MOBB is a rapper duo made up of Winner's Mino and iKON's Bobby. They also released solo songs, "Holup!" (Bobby) and "Body" (Mino).

11. Resident K-Pop sweethearts APink's girly, romance-inducing "Only One."

12. GOT7's gutsy and ~turbulent~ track, "Hard Carry."

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13. Ladies' Code's mellow and retro-chic number, "The Rain."

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14. Monsta X's heart-pumping anthem, "Fighter."

15. "Runnin'", a calming and charming duet by Super Junior-M's Henry and Sistar's Soyou.

16. EXO member Lay's upbeat, dancey single, "What U Need" (sang in Chinese).

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Lay is the only remaining Chinese member of EXO. He released this single on his birthday for the fans and in anticipation of his first solo album.

17. Davichi's heartbreaking serenades, "Love is" and "Beside me."

18. SF9's clap-to-the-beat debut, "Fanfare."

19. Pentagon's commanding debut single, "Gorilla."

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20. I.O.I's rapid-fire and synthesized "Very Very Very."

The members of I.O.I were chosen from a pool of 101 trainees from various entertainment companies through a reality show titled Produce 101. Miss Me? will be their last album before the group disbands in January 2017 and the girls return to their respective agencies (though it's possible they might reunite in five years, lol).

21. Sandeul's (B1A4's main vocalist) solo debut single, a sweet ballad titled "Stay as You Are."

22. Beenzino's hazy but poignant "Time Travel."

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23. Crayon Pop's hyper-jazzy "Doo Doom Chit."

24. Crush's sentimental and season-appropriate piano ballad, "fall."

He'll be hitting up four U.S. cities in November on his "Crush On You" tour — Chicago (11/11), New York (11/13; sold out), Atlanta (11/16), and LA (11/18).

25. F(x)'s Amber and Japanese DJ Ksuke's trippy, feel-good EDM collab, "Breathe Again."

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26. 2PM's sophisticated "Promise (I'll be)," the aptly-titled single off of their Gentleman's Game album.

The members have said this will be their last album before they take breaks for their mandated two-year military service. 😭

27. EXO and superstar variety show host Yoo Jae Suk's "Dancing King," which they joined forces on for the popular show Infinite Challenge.

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And subsequently performed together at an EXO concert in Bangkok.

28. Punchnello's chill and cruise-y "Corona," produced by and featuring Crush.

29. And finally, Blackpink's crazy-addicting, chart-topping debut, "Boombayah."

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"Boombayah" and "Whistle" debuted on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart at #1 and #2 back in August, and they're currently gearing up to release two new songs next month. Keep your eyes peeled! 👀

Even as it gets colder, K-Pop is bringing on the heat.

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