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    Jonghyun Is Trending On Twitter As Fans Remember His Talent And Big Heart

    "Always be with you."

    It's been two long (or short) years since our beloved Jonghyun became a ~shinin'~ star up in the sky, but his legacy is as strong as ever.

    SM Entertainment / Via

    On Dec. 17 and 18, hashtags like #Jonghyun, #WeLoveYouJonghyun #JjongYouDidWell, #AlwaysBeWithYou, #AsAlwaysINeedYou, #WishYouWereHere, and #μ’…ν˜„μ•„_덕뢄에_λ‚΄_평생이_λ”°λœ»ν•΄* started trending as fans tweeted outpourings of love and appreciation for the late K-pop idol.


    *The Korean hashtag translates to "Jonghyun-ah, thanks to you, my life is eternally warm.”

    Here are some of the most heartwarming tweets:

    This dizzyingly cute date with a lucky fan:

    watching this always feels like a warm hug #JONGHYUN

    @ANG3LTINGS / Via Twitter: @ANG3LTINGS

    His infectious way of warming up a crowd:

    Say Onew ONEW Say Minho MINHO Say Taemin TAEMIN Say KeeEEEeey KEY Say Jonghyun JONGHYUN Say SHINee, Say SHINee, Say SHINee MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! The best introduction everπŸ’Ž #JONGHYUN #μ’…ν˜„μ•„_덕뢄에_λ‚΄_평생이_λ”°λœ»ν•΄

    @monwol1405 / Via Twitter: @monwol1405

    This iconic high note that cleared my skin and filled my bank account:

    bringing this iconic moment back, miss you everyday :( #JONGHYUN "

    @brknracha / Via Twitter: @brknracha

    Jonghyun defending his honor during a "Random Play Dance" segment on Weekly Idol:

    Jjong raging πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ILoveYouJonghyun

    @SHINee_SuperM_ / Via Twitter: @SHINee_SuperM_

    He didn't even miss a single beat before cute-raging on another episode of Weekly Idol:

    @shineside_ / Via Twitter: @shineside_

    When he poked fun at Shawols telling him to stop touching his hair during an Instagram Live:

    @shineside_ / Via Twitter: @shineside_

    The cutest 12 secs of rainbow cake eating in history:

    Behind your smile there was too much pain to bare, im so so sorry we didn't realise until it was too late. I love you so much angel πŸ˜‡#JONGHYUN

    @charlie_rxx12 / Via Twitter: @charlie_rxx14

    This live performance of his extremely touching song "End of a Day":

    Close your eyes for a few seconds and focus on his angelic voice β™‘ #μ’…ν˜„μ•„_덕뢄에_λ‚΄_평생이_λ”°λœ»ν•΄ #JONGHYUN

    @Jjong9488SHINee / Via Twitter: @Jjong948SHINee

    "You did a good job today, you worked so hard."

    Jonghyun was an incredibly talented lyricist who wrote not only many of Shinee's songs, but *all* of his solo songs.

    This emotional performance of "Y Si Fuera Ella" that has me on the brink of tears:

    A beautiful human, an angelical voice, a pure soul, and now the shiniest star in the sky. You did well, we will always remember you jjong πŸ’š #JONGHYUN

    @luchid3l / Via Twitter: @luchid3l

    You can watch the entire performance here.


    I’ll probably never get over him performing moon #JONGHYUN

    @Rebecca_1504 / Via Twitter: @Rebecca_1504

    When he was very amused by a balloon's ~attraction~ to him:

    @BlingerSpamBee / Via Twitter: @BlingerSpamBebe

    This pretend-screaming goofball moment:

    @velvethye / Via Twitter: @velvethye

    The power that's unleashed when Jonghyun has the opening lines:

    If Jonghyun saying β€œ BBABBBYYYYYY” at the start of Ring Ding Dong doesn’t get you hyped. You’re lying #Jonghyun #iloveyouJonghyun

    @SHINee_SuperM_ / Via Twitter: @SHINee_SuperM_

    Taking a minute to listen to his fans chanting, "I love you," before finishing the song together:

    β€œWanted to say the word β€˜Thank you’ Wanted to return the words you said to me It’s not cold too today, a winter with you Cause there’s always you beside me” - Our Season λ”°λœ»ν•œ 겨울, μ’…ν˜„ #μ’…ν˜„μ•„_덕뢄에_λ‚΄_평생이_λ”°λœ»ν•΄

    @iheartshinee_ / Via Twitter: @iheartshinee_

    Looking back on all of his charming performances, including this one of "She Is":

    the best performe out there. #ILoveYouJonghyun #JjongYouDidWell

    @DI0RKIBUM / Via Twitter: @DI0RKIBUM

    An energetic Jjong trying to demonstrate krumping to the best of his abilities:

    Ikonic moment πŸ˜‚ there's so much energy in petite jjong 😌 #JONGHYUN #μ’…ν˜„μ•„_덕뢄에_λ‚΄_평생이_λ”°λœ»ν•΄

    @Jinkeyssst / Via Twitter: @Jinkeyssst

    Watch the whole thing, I beg of you.

    A "Sugar" cover that'll make you feel soft inside:

    jonghyun singing sugar by maroon 5 to make you smile!!! :D remember that jjong loves all of you no matter what and he’s proud of u !! ^___^ β™‘

    @mylanagd / Via Twitter: @mylanagd

    His thoughtful insight into comforting people, not diminishing their feelings, and genuinely trying to understand their situation (especially what might go on behind the scenes):

    β€œwhen comforting someone, instead of comparing that person to myself or others, just listen to that person” - kim jonghyun feel the need to bring this video back today bc it resonates w me so deeply & im sure it does w many of u as well. everything abt this, very important words.

    @jjongieluvrs / Via Twitter: @jjongieluvrs

    This clip is from a radio program called Blue Night that he hosted for three years.

    This smol "I'm here" moment:

    @minyoongiland / Via Twitter: @minyoongiland

    And finally, Shinee groupmate Key uploaded a few photos of Jonghyun to Instagram in tribute, and this adorable, from-below selfie struck me in particular...

    ...because there's actual video footage of them taking the OT5 selfie, and my heart just exploded all over again:

    @iheartshinee_ / Via Twitter: @iheartshinee_

    We love you, Jonghyun.