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    33 Fancy Dresses Under $200 That Will Totally Impress

    Need a fancy dress? WE GOTCHU. Just be prepared to strut, twirl, and dance.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A metallic plunging mini sure to bring the heat every minute, every song, and every impulse dance battle.

    2. A strapless sweetheart dress decorated all over with rose petals and removable ruffled sleeves — if you wear this dress, ~romance~ is definitely in your future.

    3. A floaty white maxi that's basically a canvas begging to be accessorized and jazzed up — or just left on its own for ~summertime breezin'~ vibes.

    4. A bejeweled black mini to amp up the class in whatever establishment you find yourself in — "Oh no, my pleasure," you say as you grace your subjects with your presence, which is in very high demand.

    5. A darling satin maxi with a high slit perfect for mastering Angelina Jolie's signature pose.

    6. Dancey one-shoulder ruffled minis destined to be the center of attention — hello, shimmer!

    7. An elegant navy mini with a full skirt that screams elegance and "yes, you swing me, girl!"

    8. A deep v-neck mini that really takes the gold in the "has it all" category: sequins, sheer mesh overlay, and tassles all come together to make a stunning statement.

    9. A silky striped twirler battling it out with the sun to be the best and the brightest.

    10. A sweet lace number that loves giving your body, because it deserves all the love!

    11. A pocketed (!!) halter mini you'll never find ~sat in~ any corner, but at the center of the dance floor twirling and sashaying like there's no tomorrow.

    12. A sexy high-slit wrap dress that admits its wearer one pass for ~standing out from the crowd.~

    13. A pleated lavender maxi for maximum ~goddess of romance~ effect.

    14. A sequined lace shift dress designed especially for shimmying all night long — it's written on the tags, I swear.

    15. A rhinestone-embedded chiffon gown perfect for serving lewks, but be warned, some onlookers might ~blush~ at the sight of your beauty.

    16. A lace-inset LBD that's certainly not afraid to ~ruffle~ a few feathers or slay the dance floor — actually, definitely both.

    17. A strapless floral stunner that basically transforms you into a garden at the first sign of spring — bloom, bloom, and bloom some more!

    18. A classy one-shoulder swinger very familiar with the "wine and dine and dance all night" philosophy — the only question is: are you in, or ARE YOU IN?

    19. A cap-sleeved polka dot midi that translates bright party lights and champagne popping into red-carpet-ready fashion.

    20. A beaded floor sweeper to make you feel like you're about to make your Met Gala debut.

    21. An ombre sequined dress that basically begs onlookers to ask, "Are you a mermaid?" To which you'll respond, "Maybe. But I don't reveal my secrets."

    22. A darling tulle midi that'll go the distance (aka from the clothing rack to the checkout) to prove you and it are ~mint~ to be.

    23. A draped peplum dress tied together with grace and poise...and the black velvet bow probably helps too.

    24. A navy lace dreamboat that puts on a show every time you twirl — just be prepared for lots of standing ovations.

    25. An iridescent ruffled dream for when you want to look like a low-key disco ball.

    26. A jazzy haltered mini that lives by the motto, "In this short life, one can never have too many sequins."

    27. A fringed floral frock that gently kisses your legs every time you strut down the runway (or school hallway) — how romantic!

    28. An all-over lace mermaid-esque gown with cold shoulders that will instantly shoo all negativity — buh-bye!

    29. An absolutely lovely floor-length gown with a floral bodice and a gorgeous tulle skirt that will float down the stairs with you as you make your grand entrance, à la A Cinderella Story.

    30. A chic AF dress that's actually a ~jumpsuit~ outfitted with a skirt, because sometimes you just want a little bit of everything — fabulous, comfortable, unexpected, etc.

    31. A gorgeous floral organza gown to keep things black tie but also 1000% fashionable.

    32. A dainty garden-esque dress with embroidery for days — who needs a corsage or bouquet when you're literally wearing them?

    33. A dreamy rose gold gown whose sole mission is to make you best dressed — and spoiler alert: it always aces the job.

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