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    Sale Items Are An Extra 50% Off On Forever 21, So What Are You Waiting For

    *commence post-holiday treat yourself shopping spree*

    Attention!!! After tirelessly searching for the perfect gifts for people near and dear to you, you deserve to treat yourself to some new goodies at Forever 21 — and to convince you further, sale items are going for an extra 50% off!

    All ya gotta do is enter the promo code EXTRA50 at checkout!

    To help you sort through Forever 21's ginormous sale selection, we picked out some of our faves. Happy shopping!

    1. A marled open-front cardigan for mastering the art of layering throughout all seasons, during in-between weather, and even when you're snuggled up at home (those heating bills can get pricey, ok!)

    2. High-waisted wide leg jeans that'll make people stop you in the streets and ask, "What's your Instagram handle? I *must* follow you."

    3. A ribbed velvet bodycon to throw on whenever it's 10 pm and the night is still very, very young.

    4. A v-neck bodysuit that'll make you feel so ~magical~, you won't even need to travel to the Emerald City and pay the wizard a visit!

    5. A sweater top to continue your love affair with all things cropped and high-waisted.

    6. A snazzy opalescent crossbody that'll make you the envy of the whole school, office, town, state, universe— you get it.

    7. A vibrant palm leaf maxi sure to inspire your next island getaway — the only decision you have to make is Santorini, Cayman Islands, Maldives, or Bali?

    8. A pair of zipper-embellished pants to wear whenever you don't feel like wearing jeans or real pants, which is very often if I'm not mistaken.

    9. A gingham cami and culottes set that'll look good with any pose you strike, no matter how silly, serious, and ANTM they are — so work it, gurl!

    10. A pair of studded booties for a touch of steampunk-inspired fashun, because you're always ahead of the style curve.

    11. A mauve open-shoulder turtleneck dress that'll brush off dipping temps and keep you feeling toasty with ease.

    12. A staple microfiber t-shirt bra to keep your boobs cozy and supported all day long, but in an invisible and "I barely feel it" sort of way.

    13. A plaid dress that'll look just darling layered over a turtleneck (for coziness!) or a pretty blouse (for dazzling!) — you go, Glen Coco!

    14. Burgundy wide leg denim overalls to elevate a simple tee from *yawn* to an outfit worthy of thunderous applause.

    15. A floral wrap skirt waiting impatiently for you to wear it and show off your legs (hello, dual side slits!) — it's their lifelong goal, you see, so you should probably hit "add to cart" right now.

    16. An off-the-shoulder gingham crop top that'll definitely make you go ~bananas~ for it (heh heh).

    17. High-rise plaid trousers (with tiny pockets!) that'll jazz up any top in a snap — or however long it takes you to slip these babies on.

    18. A ruffled daisy print mini destined for many, many ~flounces~ around town — we need as many eyes on this piece as possible, people!!

    19. A houndstooth blazer that'll fill the void in your closet for a statement piece that's equal parts "Let's close this important business deal" and "Cheers, it's cocktail hour!"

    20. A padded, half-shiny and half-matte blush (or black!) jacket to keep you cozy on your jogs or just generally lookin' athletic-chic wherever your days take you.

    21. Colorblock low-top sneakers that'll channel your inner Sporty Spice, but like an updated 2019 edition.

    22. A double-breasted white dreamboat cinched at the waist with a matching belt, because you deserve to own a piece that's basically the epitome of classy.

    23. An embroidered velvet cap for an otherwise casual accessory that's been amped up a notch — plus, bad hair days are totally NBD with this.

    24. A metallic bodycon that'll make you sparkle brighter than the ball drop on NYE.

    Strutting with your new fashun pieces like:

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