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    35 Affordable Tops You'll Want To Buy In Every Color

    You're saving yourself the trouble of checking out again when you decide you want more colors — your future self says "thanks!"

    1. A comfy waffle knit with a cute tie-up situation to give an otherwise drapey top a pinch of shape.

    2. A flowy tank top that'll be a good exercise for your brain, since it can be easily styled with just about anything. The limit does not exist!

    3. A super soft ribbed turtleneck you'll never want to take off — plus, it's perfect for layering with your summery dresses so they don't feel left out!

    4. A lantern sleeve blouse to add a bit of breeze and movement to your closet — because what's more boring than clothing that you can't happily flap your arms around in?

    5. A stunning velvet cami that'll let you dress up any look for around or under $10 — take all the compliments and watch people's jaws drop when you tell them it's from Amazon!

    6. A ridiculously soft v-neck fitted top you'll be hard-pressed NOT to wear every single day — honestly, it's the closest thing to rolling out the door in PJs.

    7. An adorable keyhole blouse perfect for kicking back with a glass of wine at home or at a bar with your coworkers — that's versatility, my friends.

    8. A breezy striped button-up that'll let you pretend as if you're lounging on the deck of your gorgeous vacation home — even when your reality is that temperatures are dipping and it's getting too cold for outdoor restaurant seating.

    9. A solid *or* windowpane-style cropped blouse for endless pairings with all of your high-waisted jeans, trousers, skirts — you get it.

    10. A cute blouse that'll easily transition from work to drinks to that random event your manager wants you to go to in their place — this number's never off duty.

    11. A strappy cold-shoulder top fitting for temperamental, what-season-is-it-anyways weather.

    12. A mock neck long-sleeve shirt to give you a lil' extra coverage when walking through extremely brisk weather — scarf, who?

    13. A ruffle slit tunic tee that should be lovingly referred to as your ~sharkbite~ shirt — it's just the perfect lil' detail that adds a big punch.

    14. A snug wrapped crop top you can totally customize to your liking. If you wanna forgo showing any midriff, toss a high-waisted skirt over. If the neckline is too low, layer a cute bralette. Either way, you'll rock it!

    15. A darling scalloped crop that'll be in my Amazon cart before this post is done — it's so cute and perfect for dressing up!

    16. A cute crochet top for a bit of skin-peeping action — it'll basically be your wardrobe's secret weapon.

    17. A darling off-the-shoulder number that'll definitely start some drama — it loves giving people the ~cold shoulder~ instead of working things out with them.

    18. A flirty crop top with a spot-on "party in the back" situation — if it could speak, it'd tell everyone to "do the twist!"

    19. A plain-Jane crew neck sweatshirt for all of your "Like hell I'm going outside" lounging needs and "I don't need to impress anyone" days — which is every day, of course, but you get my drift.

    20. Playful graphic tees that'll surely brighten up any dreary days that dare to cross you — from Mickey Mouse to Friends, there's a shirt for every mood!

    21. A chiffon blouse with peek-a-boo bell sleeves that'll tend to attract fans around campus or the office — they're crowdpleasers, alright!

    22. A low-cut racerbank tank that'll put all of your gorgeous bralettes to good use — they're too pretty to hide out of sight!

    23. A soft-to-the-touch ruffle number you won't be able to stop fawning over — it's a ray of sunshine in clothing form!

    24. A bat-sleeved number that'll ooze comfort the moment it hits your body — you're welcome, in advance.

    25. A soft AF henley top perfect for layering underneath a cardigan for picturesque fall style in a snap...literally — take that 'Gram!

    26. A mixed pattern tee that'll fit into the "cute without even having to try" part of your wardrobe quite seamlessly.

    27. A dreamy satin cami to be known as closet royalty from this point onwards — it shall be properly flaunted, adored, and probably hung on a special hanger.

    28. A ruffled, collared, semi-sheer embroidered number you'd probably see your fave fashion blogger donning — and now you know their secret.

    29. A lightweight long-sleeve knit that'll feel like it was made to fit your body and shows off a bit of back — because colder weather doesn't always mean you can't reveal a little skin.

    30. A chic tunic with roll-tab sleeves and over 3.9k reviews that'll be ~solid~ in more ways than one. (Dunno what to wear? This tunic will do you a solid.)

    31. A roomy printed tee as breezy and cute and flower-ridden as a perfect spring day.

    32. A side-buttoned top that comes in exciting *but* not over-the-top colors for an everyday option that's easy to throw on — but still looks put together.

    33. A gorgeous tie-front blouse to tuck into your jeans and skirts for that "I'm a polished young professional" look you've always hoped to achieve.

    34. A crew neck longsleeve that doesn't believe basics should be dull — but rather, they can stand out just as much as a dress!

    35. A high neck ribbed top so soft, it feels like you're being hugged 24/7 — because we could all use some of that.

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