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18 Things Only Girls Will Understand

Heels + Grass = No

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1. We feel to bring our whole wardrobe whenever we travel

2. Heels + Grass = HELL NO!

3. Whenever someone tell you to sit like a lady

4. Eyeliner!

5. Ponytail Hair

6. So traumatizing

7. When you just wanna go to sleep but you have makeup on

8. Lip gloss does not work with wind

9. Having nothing to wear even though there’s a whole wardrobe in front of you

10. Praying that you don’t chip your nails

11. And when you do chip them, * sigh *

12. Those metal things on these chairs always pulled your hair when you were in school

13. Hair elastics in general

14. The struggles

15. Wow

16. Jewelry

17. And finally, the wind!

18. But hey, we’re all amazing!

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