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22 Life Hacks That Will Probably Save Your Life

Including how to get rid of scratches on wood!

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1. The correct way to eat popsicles

2. Paint keys with nail polish to tell which is which

3. Turn on your seat warmer, that way, your pizza will stay warm while you drive.

4. Make a playlist according to how long you take to get ready. Once the playlist ends, you know it’s time to go

5. Remove the stem of a strawberry with a straw

6. Need an inexpensive cookbook holder? Use a clothes hanger

7. Put pancake mix in an empty condiment bottle for less messes

8. Squeeze lemons with tongs to get most of the juice out of it

9. Use a dustpan to get water to a bucket that doesn’t fit in the sink

10. Use an empty water bottle to separate whites from yolks

11. Take a picture of your fridge so that way you know what to buy whe shopping

12. Thumb tacks are great for holding glasses of any type!

13. Pre make your breakfast so you can grab it and go

14. Use a piece of pasta to light those hard to reach wicks

15. Speaking of pasta, an empty Pringle can is perfect for storing pasta.

16. And since we are talking about pringles, you can place a long piece of paper under so you won’t have to reach down

17. The next time you’re drilling something, place a post-it under to collect all the shavings

18. Need AA batteries but only have AAA batteries? This will help

19. Keep your pans and lids organized with this hack

20. Lint rollers are great for dusting almost anything

21. Use binder clips as a keyboard stand

22. And Finally, use a walnut to get ride of wood scratches

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