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Hilariously Funny Yet Weird Coincidences

Like wtf, how do these happen!?!?

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1. Wow

2. They always have to have the last word

3. They’ll never find me here

4. He’s probably hiding something...right?

5. You have brought shame upon this house

6. And they’re all named Becky

7. Or maybe it begins with that guy over there

8. Uhhhhhh...

9. I’m surprised they would even let them keep the number

10. It probably likes itself

11. These cats are looking into an alternate universe

12. White for the win


14. Woah

15. A perfect ending

16. Now that.. that’s just too cute!

17. Let’s just hope he doesn’t suffer the same fate

18. Not only did the font fit perfectly, it even blended with the sign’s color.

19. Throwback to some Elmo!

20. Nothing can be more ironic.

21. The End

22. UFO abduction in progress

23. So unlucky in lottery

24. Umm... ew

25. Again, wtf

26. EW! EW! EW!

27. I'll give you a minute to figure this one out



30. Well, that's unfortunate

31. Nice mustache there, Billy

32. Hmmm...

33. Well I guess that’s all for now. byez

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