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15 Things All Women Who Do Yoga Know

Can I get an amen (or a namaste)?

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1. There is such a thing as a yoga shave, and you have mastered it.

Sarah Garone

2. You have learned NOT to put on lotion right before class.

Gifrific / Via

Slip slidin' away...

3. You've gotten used to nouns being used as verbs, like "windmill your arms."

Giphy / Via

And "windshield wiper your legs."

4. There is no good way to lay down on a ponytail.

Lemme just...adjust...a little.
Yoga Everyday / Via

Lemme just...adjust...a little.

5. In every class, there's always that one lady in the corner doin' her owwwwwwn thing.

Yoga Dork / Via

6. The real reason you don't like doing certain poses isn't that you aren't flexible enough. It's because they remind you of a really unpleasant visit to your OB/GYN...

"Happy baby"--also known as "about to have a baby."
Elite Sports Clubs / Via

"Happy baby"--also known as "about to have a baby."

7. ...or going #2 in the woods.

Julie Kruger Fine Art / Via

8. Every time an attractive guy shows up in class, your yoga skills magically improve.

Giphy / Via

Yeah, I do one-legged scorpion, like, all the time. NBD.

9. Your mind never races so much as when you're supposed to be meditating.

Giphy / Via

10. You've heard a lot of accidental farts. A LOT.

And *maybe* some of them were you. / Via

And *maybe* some of them were you.

11. When you find a truly amazing instructor, you'll follow him or her to the ends of the earth.

Tumblr / Via

Drive 40 minutes for a 45 minute class? Yeah, I can squeeze it in.

12. Sometimes there are just too dang many instructions for one pose.

How 'bout I just put my legs out and my head down?
Merwelene Van Der Merwe

How 'bout I just put my legs out and my head down?

13. So there are two words you're always happy to hear: "child's pose."

Yoga Flavored Life / Via

14. And when someone takes your regular spot on the floor, you might get a little...territorial.

Goodreads / Via

15. But in the end, you're always glad you went. Because even if you came in like...

You'll leave like...

Renova Hand Care / Via


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