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    18 Times Tumblr Understood Your Bookshelf Problems

    Have books, need room.

    1. When a colorful book defies order and reason.

    2. When your bookshelf worries keep you up at night.

    3. When you realize you've *officially* run out of room.

    4. When you let a friend borrow a book and it's like there is a hole in your heart.

    5. When you want to decorate your room, but your bookshelf is in the way.

    6. When your bookshelves are filled with so many books you love and you're indecisive.

    7. When you can't decide how to organize your books.

    8. When your bookshelf is your one and only.

    9. When you get home from a book shopping spree and look at your bookshelf.

    10. When you want to rearrange all the books, even ones that aren't yours.

    11. When the book problems tag only feeds your bookshelf envy.

    12. When you're rearranging your books and you have a *slight* problem.

    13. When books in the same series won't line up just so.

    14. When you buy a complete series and need to rearrange your bookshelf...again.

    15. When your bookshelf forces you to choose between your hardcover and softcover books.

    16. When you put serious thought into how to photograph your bookshelf.

    17. When your bookshelves have bookshelves.

    18. When your bookshelf is so wonderful, you need to look away.