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    19 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described The Struggle For Book Lovers

    "Aren't ordinary people adorable?"

    1. When your bookshelf is more put together than you.

    2. Or when it's not.

    3. When your e-reader turns on you.

    4. When you can't even save your own bank account.

    5. When everyone tries to interrupt your precious reading time.

    6. When bookstores ruin your friendships.

    7. When you were a unique problem child.

    8. When a book tried to ruin your life.

    9. When the books you have are never enough.

    10. When your parents try to curb your books addiction.

    11. When introductions make or break your potential relationships.

    12. When you get a smudge on your brand new book.

    13. When authors like to toy with you and all their readers.

    14. And you suffer for it.

    15. All. The. Time.

    16. When your friends challenge your reading ability.

    17. When your shoulders are in constant pain because of books.

    18. When a character breaks your heart.

    19. When someone tries to tell you there's more to life than books.

    Happy reading, y'all!