17 Reasons Not To Despair

    As told by chocolate cake.

    1. Nutella buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.

    2. Toasted coconut and marshmallow.

    3. Grandma.

    4. Toasted meringue.

    5. Chocolate chip buttercream.

    6. Dinosaurs.

    7. Drips.

    8. Booze and bundts. Booze in bundts.

    Kahlua Chocolate Cake: Recipe here.

    9. Excess.

    10. Crushed Oreos and whipped cream.

    Cookies and Cream Chocolate Cake: recipe here.

    11. Frosting roses.

    12. Espresso powder.

    The Best Chocolate Cake: Recipe here.

    13. Rolls.

    14. S'mores.

    15. Small things.

    Triple Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes: Recipe here.

    16. Peanut butter ganache.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake: Recipe here.

    17. Ice cream.