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Top 10 Plays Of The 2016 College Football Season

With the final games of the season coming up, we're sharing some of our favorite plays of the year!

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10. Georgia Tech vs. Pitt

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Here's a play you don't see everyday, an Offensive Lineman making a catch and running for the end zone for a touchdown. That's exactly what happened when Pitt ran this track play against Georgia Tech!

9. Washington vs. Alabama

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After Bo Scarbrough and Alabama's performance in the Peach Bowl against Washington, one thing is certain- the Clemson Tigers have their work cut out for them in the National Championship next week.

8. Texas vs. Texas Tech

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Couple things here- first, what a return by Texas Tech. Second, check out that defensive effort by Texas to try and stop the TD! Unfortunately, Texas ran out of real estate trying to stop the Red Raiders from scoring.

7. Louisville vs. Syracuse

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Would you expect anything less from Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson? The QB proved he could have a future as a hurdler if football doesn't work out (although we think it will).

6. Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State

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OK State fans were stunned as Central Michigan threw a Hail Mary pass for the final down of the game, which then lead to a lateral for the touchdown. While many were upset about the call on the field, one thing is for sure, it was one exciting play!

5. Wisconsin vs. Michigan

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Sorry Odell, there's a new one handed catch everyone's talking about this year. Not only did the Wolverines stop Wisconsin on 4th down with just over two minutes left in the game, Jourdan Lewis managed to hold on to the football with just one hand for the interception!


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Fans had to wait for the slow motion replays to really appreciate this TD catch by Noah Brown. He managed to not only grab the ball with one hand, but actually pinned the ball against the Oklahoma defender's back to hold on to it!

3. Tennessee vs. Georgia

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At first glance it's difficult to even find the Tennessee receiver with so much Bulldog Red in the end zone, however the Vols managed to pull out this incredible Hail Mary in Athens to remain undefeated early in the season.

2. Ohio State vs. Penn State

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Almost everyone counted out Penn State against a then-undefeated Ohio State team; everyone except those in Happy Valley of course. This blocked field goal for a touchdown only adds to Penn State's impressive run to the Rose Bowl this year.

1. Pitt vs. Clemson

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The college football world was collectively shocked when Pitt made a 48 yard field goal in the final seconds to beat Clemson at home. The Panthers handed Clemson their only loss of the 2016 regular season.

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