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    Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    22 Reasons We Were All Born To Corn

    We are all the children of the corn.

    Corn is the food of the Gods. We are all Corn's righteous followers. Come summer, we give thanks to Corn.

    Atoss / Getty Images / Sarah Burton / BuzzFeed

    1. There is no wrong way to eat corn:

    2. And there's certainly no wrong way to cook it:

    Etienne Voss / Getty Images

    3. Even puppies know how good local corn tastes:

    4. We all aspire to be more like corn:

    AP Photo / @Loganliz_ / Via Twitter: @loganliz_

    5. Even celebrities wish they could be corn:

    @MrLXC / Via

    6. Michael Bublé has invented a far more efficient way of consuming corn and we are all jealous: / Via InnererSchweinehund / Via

    7. Corn is better than a box of chocolates:

    8. The more corn, the better:

    9. Corn is a notorious good luck charm for sports:

    10. Add corn to any dish to enhance flavor:

    11. Why crush women when you can crush corn?

    12. Why watch porn when you can eat corn?

    13. Besides, corn is sexy.

    14. VERY sexy:

    15. TRUE FACT: Aliens made crop circles just so they stop by and enjoy delicious corn.

    Andrejs Pidjass / Getty Images

    16. If corn ever gained sentience, I'm pretty sure it would say, "Butter me."

    Finish Line Games / Via

    From the upcoming computer game "Maize"

    17. Corn is also a great accessory for any picture.

    I wanted to take some pics of him holding corn lol just cause

    18. Corn is a very serious food, please do not make jokes about corn.

    19. Corn puns, however, are acceptable.

    20. Also be careful not to eat too much corn.