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    13 Reasons Why Ross From "Friends" Isn't As Bad As Everyone Is Making Him Out To Be

    Some of y'all are about to be real mad at me, but it must be said.

    1. Ross was supposed to be on TV but didn't go so he could take Rachel to the hospital (after they broke up)

    2. Ross bought Phoebe a bike because she never had one as a kid and taught her how to ride it

    3. He was going to take Rachel to the prom when she thought her date stood her up

    4. He talked Carol into going through with the wedding with Susan AND walked her down the aisle even though he didn't really like her

    5. He also did everything in his power to get Marcel into the best zoo even though giving him up was super painful

    6. He makes Rachel feel better after her date with a soap actor didn't end well because she told him that she was pregnant

    7. He gives Joey the ok to date Rachel (I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with a friend dating an ex of mine)

    8. Not to mention the romantic way he wanted to propose to Rachel that one time they had to pretend to be engaged

    9. He even gives up dating for Rachel when she's pregnant because she wants him at her beck and call 24/7 and he agrees and says she's allowed to be unreasonable

    10. Despite what everyone says, Ross was actually a GREAT father and didn't want to get back with Rachel (who he's loved forever) because of Emma

    11. He also teaches Joey about the Met so Joey doesn't look dumb in front of Charlie even though Ross also liked Charlie

    12. And then he convinced Charlie to give Joey a chance when she was going to end it and said these really nice things about Joey even though, again, he still REALLY liked her

    13. He didn't want to take advantage of Rachel when she was upset about her father's heart attack and wanted sympathy sex

    There are countless other reasons why the Ross hatred NEEDS TO END! There. I said it. Can you think of any others? Sound off in the comments, my fellow Ross lovers!