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Meet The New Ad Agency Making Yelp, Google And Groupon VERY WORRIED!!

ScoutPuppy Local.

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Shaking up an age old industry is sometimes tough, especially when the business community is used to paying way more than they should get outstanding services like advertising, a simple necessity turned nightmare for almost every business owner. ScoutPuppy Local, a new Local National Business Directory ( has pulled away from the crowd and done just that!

This unique and one of a kind Local National Business Directory has actually listened to local business owners and the frustrations they have. Not only are they able to save advertisers sometimes 70% on advertising cost, they actually COMBINED the services of companies like Yelp, Groupon, Google and Youtube into one simple platform. AND they do all of the work for you, that is right, its packed with professional ad copy, tags, keywords, content, layout, pictures, video and much more, so there is no need for the merchant to wonder and worry if they are doing it right, they can rest easy knowing they are getting it done right!

ScoutPuppy Local, a National Local Business Directory uses the age old internet staple that most have shyed away from. They design and write your ad copy on your ScoutPuppy Local Business Page and design it to be found organically, so even if you have never heard of ScoutPuppy Local it doesn't matter because your ScoutPuppy Local Business Gage is designed to show up when anyone searches for your specific service or product on any search engine. Unlike the competition which can primarily focus on getting found on that specific sight only. This brings ad cost way down, often with a business paying just pennies on the dollar and traffic way up!

Local Business Owners are good at running that specific business and most of the time have simply no idea on even how to start doing its own advertising. It usually relyed on ad agencies to help and put total trust in. Unfortunately weeding through real ad agencies is tough and even when they find one, the pricing is just disgusting. ScoutPuppy Local Business Directory has really stepped up to the plate giving everything that a business needs to get the advertising side right.

So before you spend another ad dollar, its worth your time to check out ScoutPuppy Local Business Directory. You can even save 20% your first month by using code: scout20 on any of the packages.

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