This Cat Is The Most Dedicated Cuddler We've Ever Seen

    I want to be held like this.

    If you've never been supremely jealous of a human arm before, then let us introduce you to this video, posted on Twitter in Japan, of the world's most cuddly cat:


    Seriously though. How can I trade places with this arm???

    I want to be held the way this arm is being held.

    I want a cuddle buddy as committed as this lil kitty:

    He's even holding on with ALL. FOUR. LEGS.

    ICYWW, this furry little batch of snuggles is named Yamada, and he's 13 years old.

    His owner Kanekirika (@Kirika_ma_cos) says he feels "warm inside" when hugged by his cat.

    Twitter: @Kirika_ma_cos

    And we are endlessly envious. Because who doesn't love/need/deserve unconditional cat hugs???

    This post was translated from Japanese.