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11 Things That Prove Vacations Actually Can Be The Worst

Pro tip: Don't fall asleep on the beach. At Santander Bank, we think you deserve better than surprises.

1. When your suitcase won't close because you haven't quite mastered the art of packing light.

2. When you wanted a hotel room fit for royalty, but it's actually just a royal disaster.

3. When it's your first time sharing a room with one of your friends, and you realize they snore like a bear in hibernation.

4. When you realize you didn't actually bring anything cute to wear.

5. When your vacay motto was "Treat yourself!" but you run out of money midway through it.

6. When you're slowly inching into the water to avoid getting too wet, but a wave destroys you anyway.

7. When you accidentally fall asleep on the beach and end up with a gnarly sunburn.

8. When you dreamt about sunny skies and warm weather for months, but it rains during your whole trip.

9. When you eat some mystery meat soup and end up bedridden for the rest of your vacation.

10. When you take a ton of pics that you thought were gonna look super cute, but you're actually a sweaty mess in all of them.

11. When you realize vacation can actually be a total train wreck, and you just want to climb into your own bed at home.

You don’t want bad surprises on your vacation any more than you want them from your bank.

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