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12 Times "Santa Clarita Diet" Defined Relationship Goals

Now that's a killer marriage! Your favorite gruesome twosome is back at it in Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet, now streaming on Netflix.

If you've seen Santa Clarita Diet, then you know Joel and Sheila are basically the greatest couple out there. Literally everything they do is relationship gold!

1. Like when they had each other's back at work...

2. ...and in any situation, really.

3. When they made deciding on dinner seem easy.

4. When they weren't afraid to keep things interesting in the bedroom...

5. ...and not in the bedroom.

6. When Joel knew exactly what Sheila wanted to hear.

7. When they were able to be completely honest about each other's flaws...

8. ...and still accept each other for who they are.

9. When they put your boring date ideas to shame.

10. When they made the perfect couple — and pretty great parents as well!

11. When Joel helped Sheila prep for her day.

12. When they were FREAKIN' PERFECT!


All assets courtesy of Netflix.

Find out what happens to this killer couple on Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet, now streaming on Netflix!