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12 Amazing Facts About Medicine That Show Just How Far We've Come

Somebody call a doctor – my mind has been blown.

1. The world health community came together to eradicate one of the most devastating diseases ever known.

2. We can restore sight to the blind.

3. Life expectancy in the UK has doubled in the space of just 170 years.

4. Scientists have grown a liver using stem cells.

5. 3D printing has been used to aid a successful organ transplant.

6. We can replace a mutated gene causing disease with a healthy one.

7. A paralysed man is walking again.

8. We can stop an epidemic in its tracks.

9. People with HIV now live longer, and with a much better quality of life than they ever have before.

10. Heart disease deaths have dropped by 40% in a decade.

11. Technology is revolutionising surgery.

12. More than 5 million babies have been born thanks to IVF.

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