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5 Reasons Why Sangeetha Should Work At BuzzFeed

Sangeetha really loves BuzzFeed. She also loves puzzles, being an engineer and gifs of sloths. She'd like to help build BuzzFeed with those passions.

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1. I <3 BuzzFeed

I read a ton of BuzzFeed articles and news a day, watch far too many BuzzFeed videos and now, know that Mulan is my inner Disney Princess.

As an engineer, I believe in working on a product that I know and love - and would be over the moon to help make it even better.

Being a BuzzFeed Engineer is a job worth fighting for!

2. BuzzFeed has over 20 million unique users a month. WHOA.

Talk about making a difference!

Yes, there are a lot of pictures of teacup pigs and ridiculous desserts - but it's about delivering engaging content that matters to people whether it's hard hitting news or a breather from a stressful workday. I would love to help make that experience as seamless, interactive and efficient as possible. It would mean getting to work on challenging technical problems of tremendous scale, optimised for a large, international audience.

This is my shot to build something that matters to so many people.

And to so many teacup pigs.

3. Swiss Army Engineer

Be not afraid to go Full Stack!

While I work more closely with back-end /algorithm heavy projects, I love the versatility of being an engineer. I enjoy learning new skills. So far, I've taught myself front-end technologies (and did an internship in the process!), I've learnt graphic design and put it to good use drawing up wireframes and workflows, documented interfaces diligently in my current job, worked in an Agile framework to build a web app for dog sitting and dabbled in laser cutting, 3D printing, Arduino & Android programming and lots of website development. I am also a cryptoquote enthusiast.

4. An Inspired Work Culture

Working at BuzzFeed would mean getting to work with clever, creative people, collaborating, learning and trying new things.

The Engineering-wide hack weeks sound incredibly fun.

The community meet-ups, the team outings and the open source culture all appeal to me - I highly value an inventive, welcoming workplace and being an active contributor to the tech community!

I love to love where I work - BuzzFeed seems like a wonderful place to be.

5. To Infinity and Beyond!

I'm excited about where BuzzFeed is heading.

The growth of the company into a journalistic force, a platform for expression and change and an international community of opinion and innovation.

In the tech world, the word "Disrupt" is horrifically overused.

There is no denying, however, that BuzzFeed has intrinsically changed how we create and share content.

I want to be a part of this media revolution, to help capture the imagination in the age of content overload, to build the backbone of an unapologetic, colourful, clever digital voice.

Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear from you and learn more about BuzzFeed, projects resident Software Engineers and Designers get to work on or even a project you'd like to collaborate on!

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