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    9 Things That Surprised Me Onboard Australia’s Very First Disney Cruise

    Yep — you're going to have to tip!

    This past week I took Australia’s first-ever Disney cruise, sailing from Sydney to Hobart — and I’m still reeling from the experience.

    If you’re thinking about going on a Disney cruise here in Australia, or even somewhere else, here are some of the most unexpected things I noticed:

    1. The ship is very American. Sorry, totally American.

    And yes, that means you’ll need to tip the staff.

    2. It does get cold on the ship.

    3. There are heaps of cruise staff — and they’re from all over.

    4. Disney fans are passionate.

    5. The WiFi is good. So good that it's actually speedier on the cruise than it is at home.

    6. There are loads of activities.

    7. The shows are super entertaining and well-done.

    8. You can easily rack up heaps of extra charges.

    9. And finally, you'll make memories you’ll never forget.

    Would you venture on a Disney cruise? Or have you been on one and want to share your opinion on the experience? Let us know in the comments!