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Have You Heard About The Vintage Superman 1Oz Silver Coin?

When you think of investing in silver you think of investing in bars or coins. Are all coins created equal? Not in this case.

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This is a vintage superman 1 oz. silver coin. This is an iconic coin that has limited quantity. Canada is making 1 million of these coins. The superman bullion coin is perfect for those who are into comics and want to get a vintage collectible. The makers of this coin have worked with DC Comics to make this Superman symbol. This is a collectible coin that will hold its value for a very long time. Superman has been around for almost a century and is a very prominent figure and has a very prominent symbol. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have one of these vintage 1 oz. silver $5 Superman coins for your collection.

The Superman coin carries a $5 denomination that is backed by the Canadian Government. The coin is unique in that on the front is the iconic Superman shield with the purity of the coin on either side of the shield letting you know that it is .9999 pure. This is 1 Troy ounce with this purity. The coin features serrated edges to give it a nice feel. On the back of the coin is the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. This gives the coin a nice touch as it brings in the heritage of Canada’s royalty along with the iconic Superman symbol.

With this superman coin being made out of the finest materials it symbolizes what Superman stands for. The purity of the silver and attention to detail are what he stands for and strives to do. The engraving of Queen Elizabeth II on the coin shows that he is still loyal to a government even though he is all powerful. Silver withstands the sands of time and holds its value. This is what makes Superman so great. He will live forever and he holds his values true and is the same today as he was years ago. They have been doing coins like this for a long time. They don’t release them very often and they won’t repeat this coin for a very long time if they do. Now is the time to get yours.

With so many Superman fans around the world these coins aren’t going to last long. Justice League is gaining strength with their new movies coming out on a regular basis. Superman is the iconic symbol of the Justice League and will be as long as we live. These coins can be bought individually or they can be bought in bulk. They can come in a tube where you get 25 coins or in an iconic box with the vintage superman on it when you buy more than 25 coins. This is a great time to buy these 1 oz. silver $5 Superman coins. They won’t last long and they will hold their value for a very long time.

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