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    7 Highly Efficient Business Tools For Boosting Growth

    You are running a business and you know it is no easy task. To you it seems as if the top businesses and companies have just soared to the peak without doing much. It makes you wonder how some businesses are able to enjoy such huge returns on investments, quick growth and high efficiency. What is it they do that you don’t? The internet boom gave rise numerous business solutions that can be immensely useful for improving productivity, but not all businesses opt to use them. This is the mistake you are making. With each passing year, a horde of new tech tools are introduced for helping businesses.

    There is a wide array of tools for almost everything ranging from facilitating communication to improving productivity. You need to be on top of these latest tools if you want to achieve success quickly and effectively, much like your competitors. Some of the best tools to have for increasing efficiency and boosting growth are listed below:

    Tool 1: Slack

    This is the best tool you can get for helping your team in communicating efficiently. Gone are the days of getting 200 notifications at once or having group messages blow up. You no longer have to worry about missing messages that were for you or about the different groups set up on the same platform, which causes confusion. Not only does Slack offers you proper communication, you can also use the tool for making phone-calls, sharing files and doing a message search. It also has some fun features that you can use such as giving a ‘taco’ to your employees when they do a good job.

    Tool 2: GoCo

    HR is complicated, paper-heavy and messy. If you have more than a handful employees, GoCo is the best solution to your HR problems as this cloud-based platform organizes, collects and manages all employment records, documents and compliance needs and helps you in turning your filing cabinets digital. Everything becomes automated, which streamlines your workflow considerably and is also good for the employees.

    Tool 3: TrendKite

    PR is undoubtedly a very powerful tool, but it can be tough to measure. This is where TrendKite is useful as it has a suite of functionality that enables a business to directly measure their PR results with their competitors. With this tool, the value of PR can be measured easily as it tracks the traffic driven to your website, gives benchmarks of competitors and shows mentions of your business in generic and feature pieces.

    Tool 4: Zero Bounce

    Email marketing campaigns can be immensely beneficial for a business for generating leads and driving traffic. But, this can only happen when your emails are actually being delivered to the recipient and not bouncing off due to invalidity of email address or spam. How can you ensure this happens? Zero Bounce is an excellent email validation tool that checks the validity of an email to ensure you are not sending them to unregistered users and wasting your time and money. It also brings down your bounce rate and improves effectiveness of your email campaign, along with providing more information about an email address.

    Tool 5: Telzio

    This tool can come in handy for setting up an office phone system through the internet. Your team can use it for managing their messages and calls on their devices from any location. It has an intuitive and visual interface and simple pricing, which makes it all the more appealing for businesses.

    Tool 6: Google Suite

    There are a large range of options included in Google Suite for businesses and it can offer plenty of value. One of the greatest benefits of using this tool is that it provides you with actionable data on your customers. It takes advantage of both Google Analytics and Google Forms and gives you the opportunity of fine-tuning your marketing techniques by creating customer personas and learning about their interests, preferences and habits.

    Tool 7: SalesLoft

    Every business wants to increase its customer base and make as many sales as possible to boost its revenues. If you are looking for a tool that can help you achieve this goal, you don’t have to look farther than SalesLoft. This tool is especially handy for B2B businesses and it makes it very easy for you to find and win more clients. The effectiveness and efficiency of sales reps is increased through this software with a built-in email and sales dialer that has been designed for sales specifically. It can also be integrated with other tools you may be using such as As long as you use it right, SalesLoft will prove to be immensely useful for building customer retention and conversion.

    Using these tools for your business can streamline your operations and provide you with high returns just like others in the market.