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5 Reasons Why Facebook Is So Addictive

If you find yourself logging into Facebook three, four or even more times a day! This post might interest you.

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1. It boosts our ego

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We are constantly looking for approval from our friends and family, we like to get feedback from others and to receive compliments. Every time we upload a picture on Facebook, we wait patiently to see how many likes and commentaries we get, and if it isn’t the number of likes expected we get shocked! #pleaselikemypicture

2. We like to know what others are doing with their lives. We love the chisme!


Even if we accept it or not, we have a little curiosity to know what others are doing, where have they been? Where do they live? where are they going on vacations? We use Facebook as a way to get our daily doses of chisme. #noneedtocallgrandma

3. We are bored at work! We need to be entertained!

When nothing is going on at work, instead of looking for more productive ways to spend our time, we decide to log in to Facebook and entertain ourselves looking at some else’s pictures and reading fake news. #facts

4. We use Facebook when it’s time to investigate our next date.


If we are dating a new guy or girl, Facebook is the perfect social media platform to help us do some serious investigation. The problem happens when we accidentally like her/his picture. #stalkerinaction

5. Little to minimal effort to keep a social interaction


I know! We don’t like to use our phone to make a phone call to find out how a friend is doing. That is obsolete! We use Facebook to send happy birthday wishes and to keep a noticeable interaction to maintain our friendship alive! All we need is ONE LIKE and we are set!

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