17 Upsetting Things That Book Lovers Can Relate To

    *Re-reads page multiple times because people are so obsessed with you*

    1. Permanently mutilating once-perfect pages in a borrowed book.

    2. Voicing a very wrong opinion about the amount of books someone should have.

    3. Disrespecting your literary fave.

    4. Arguing on the wrong side of the "book versus movie" debate.

    5. Not returning your precious baby in the condition they received it...

    6. ...or worse, not returning your bundle of joy at all!

    7. Thinking books are something to be seen and not read.

    8. Reminding you that your literary soulmate doesn't actually exist.

    9. Asking you to pick just ONE book as your favorite.

    10. Assuming you can be interrupted any time there is a book in your hands.

    11. Saying "it's just a book" as though anyone asked for their opinion.

    12. Daring to keep you away from the bookstore, your one true home.

    13. Failing to recognize that a favorite character dying feels like a real death.

    14. Disrupting the ~natural order~ of your bookshelves.

    15. Watching a movie that stayed true to 0.1% of the book.

    16. Having the audacity to judge how much someone reads.

    17. And finally, spoiling a book you're going to read, duh!