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    17 Upsetting Things That Book Lovers Can Relate To

    *Re-reads page multiple times because people are so obsessed with you*

    1. Permanently mutilating once-perfect pages in a borrowed book.

    2. Voicing a very wrong opinion about the amount of books someone should have.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    3. Disrespecting your literary fave.

    4. Arguing on the wrong side of the "book versus movie" debate.

    comunidad_de_libros / Via

    5. Not returning your precious baby in the condition they received it...

    cityofpansycakes / Via

    6. ...or worse, not returning your bundle of joy at all!

    7. Thinking books are something to be seen and not read.

    bookelysium / Via

    8. Reminding you that your literary soulmate doesn't actually exist.

    9. Asking you to pick just ONE book as your favorite.

    thewhovianhalfblood / Via

    10. Assuming you can be interrupted any time there is a book in your hands.

    bookelysium / Via

    11. Saying "it's just a book" as though anyone asked for their opinion.

    katy_bumpkin_30 / Via

    12. Daring to keep you away from the bookstore, your one true home.

    cityofbibliophile / Via

    13. Failing to recognize that a favorite character dying feels like a real death.

    14. Disrupting the ~natural order~ of your bookshelves.

    booknerdjessie / Via

    15. Watching a movie that stayed true to 0.1% of the book.

    thewhovianhalfblood / Via

    16. Having the audacity to judge how much someone reads.

    17. And finally, spoiling a book you're going to read, duh!

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