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23 Times Gloria From “Modern Family” Made Us Burst Out Laughing

"My second cousin got appendicitis, and now he’s in jail."

1. When she had her priorities straight.

2. When she described Stella's belly.

3. When she took Haley's words at face value.

4. When she gave zero fucks about your gender norms.

5. When she was proud to be "that cousin."

6. When she took pride in her hometown.

7. When she was all of us when we're angry.

8. When she met Billy Dee Williams.

9. When she tried ordering baby cheeses for Jay.

10. When she reminisced about her babysitter, Lupe.

11. When she wasn't afraid to point out blatant misogyny.

12. When she realized a lot of things lead to jail.

13. When she wasn't having any of Cam's sass.

14. When she defended her "family" recipe.

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15. When she was petty goals.

16. When she took a well-known idiom and made it better.

17. When she was brutally honest with Jay.

18. When she "apologized."

19. When she tried her best to get the perfect gift for Jay.

20. When she embodied every fan ever.

21. When she was completely honest with Claire.

22. When she fabulously made a casual threat.

23. And finally, when she showed that she's not to be trifled with.

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