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This Uber Driver Drove Her Man's Side Chick To His Place And OMFG We Can't With This

"I’m still waiting on my rating. I’m hoping the water and the aux cord got me five stars."

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This past Monday afternoon, Twitter user @Msixelaa gifted us with a tale that many are now calling #UberBae.

In a thread of 26 tweets, that already has thousands of collective RTs and likes, she explains how she met her man's side chick.

She starts off letting us know exactly what went down...

...and how their man wasn't the only thing they shared.

Let's be honest, the aux cord is a privilege, not a right.
Twitter: @Msixelaa

Let's be honest, the aux cord is a privilege, not a right.

As far as she knew, her boyfriend was going to be out of town.

And she went about her day as usual.

She starts explaining how the two are basically bonding at this point.

And then they get to the, very familiar, destination.

Then that sneaking suspicion gets confirmed AND SHIT GOES DOWN.

But then it gets worse when her boyfriend chooses to defend his side chick!

Then technology decided to add insult to injury.

But it looks like she's having the last laugh.

The Twitterverse gave her suggestions on how to deal with it all...

...but she's instead choosing to do what her training has taught her.

Although she did reveal on Tuesday that the luggage was, in fact, returned.

In the thread she also answered some questions that many of us probably had TBH.

Before ending it with a very positive note.

We have no idea if this is true, but it's still the wildest Uber ride I've ever taken.

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