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    10 Things About Actress And Filmmaker Daniela Lugo

    The Successful Hollywood Latina actress and filmmaker Daniela Lugo shares with us 10 facts about her.

    1. She is originally from Mexico, Mexico City.

    Social Media Campaign

    2. Multidisciplinary Artist

    Photo Shooting

    3. Film

    BTS from the movie "Posada"

    4. Theatre

    Pippin: The Musical

    5. Latin Community

    6. Hobbies

    7. Coming Soon

    BTS from the movie "La Marcha de los Pingüinos"

    8. Broadway Musicals

    Daniela Lugo took this picture in 2015. In one of her trips to New York.

    9. 20 Countries and 6 Cities

    Daniela Lugo in New York

    10. Wanna know more about Daniela? Check Her Sites!

    Daniela's Instagram account @daniela_lugo_mtz